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Monday, March 3, 2014

GCN Talk Radio Channel 5

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I'm sorry for making you sad. But to me, getting Online Radio back was more important. Why? I just thought that it was the right thing to do. The right thing? Mi Hyeon why are you so cold? She's your cousin. Think of how hard her life must've been. She has mothers and Names. Why won't you acknowledge her? Don't you pity her at all? Did I say I didn't pity her? I wasn't talking about this. As an older sister you should help her find her confidence quickly. Online Radio! Jeong Hun oppa, did you change your hairstyle? Yes How's it Online Radio? You told me to change it and now I've changed it. Huh? When did I say that? Didn't you say I should change it? Did I say something like that? Oh. Your old hairstyle was good. Why did you change it? Ah really? When did the two of you become so close to discuss such things? You don't have to know. Online Radio. Eat more of this! It's okay. You eat it. No. I'm full already. Give me that director. The project this time. Who're we giving it to? If you are giving it to PD Noh Sung, then I don't want to do it. That person talks so little and is a little crazy. Oh. Then who do you want? Hmm. What's Ma PD doing? The movie being filmed at that time, is it done already? No. Not yet. Once it's done, I’ll request him. Ah, this boy. You still want to talk about work here. Lets's have a toast. Director, please pour me another glass. Have you read my scenario on the net? Yes. It's very interesting. It can be a nice story. When's the scenario going to be finished? I'm trying hard to write it now. Looks like Online Radio has a high alcohol tolerance. How much alcohol can you drink? Ah Online Radio that. The two of you drank together before? Yes. Ah, Director your glass is empty. I'll pour you another glass. No. it's okay. Hyung Online Radio I think I can finish the scenario by next week. I'll send you an email. What's wrong Online Radio. Is there anything you want to say? In the mountain village where I live, there's this big wild pig. Wild pig? Wild pig? Yes. There was this one person who came to our place. He was chased by the pig until he missed the bus and also did something interesting.

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