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Monday, March 3, 2014

GCN Redding News Review (Robert Redding Jr)

GCN Redding News Review (Robert Redding Jr), GCN Redding News Review (Robert Redding Jr) Live, GCN Redding News Review (Robert Redding Jr) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

What person? Online Radio There's a wild pig, wild pig. Quick, run! What? Didn't I tell you to run? There's a big wild pig! Online Radio, it's dangerous! Come out, come out. You'll die. Quick, come here! Are you seeking death? Quick, come here! Come here! Are you ok? I'm okay. Director. Have you ever seen a wild pig? No. Never? I saw one when I went hiking with some friends. Really? Then did you guys run away? No. Because we were standing quite far away, we didn't have to run. I saw someone who ran away even though he was standing so far away from the wild pig. He was afraid of a wild pig that's only this big. Hey! You didn't know how big it was. Don't talk nonsense about other people! Was it big? I need to go home and wash my clothes. You guys have fun. Director. I think grandfather made a mistake. What mistake? I think Online Radio is a little weird. What? Why did she insist to learn from Online Radio? If she really wanted to be a scenario writer, why does she have to learn from a movie Director? No matter what, it's weird. Don't you suspect anything? Suspect? What kind of suspicion? I'm worried that Online Radio has some special feelings towards Online Radio. I'm sorry auntie. But I think Online Radio is just too simple and innocent. I think it's because she lived in a remote mountain village. She never even considered what kind of relationship he had with her sister. I think it's better to find her something else to do. Mi Hyeon. Huh? How can you think of such impossible stuffs? Did Online Radio do something bad to you before? Or have I ever treated you badly? Auntie If you want to continue saying such things, then move out of our house. Or just go back to your mother in Australia. I'm just worried something might happen. What something? How can you think of something impossible like that? What are you doing? Homework! Homework? Yes. They want me to write a minute scenario. Do you want to hear it? I think it's really interesting. I really have the talent! I'll hear it later. Why are you looking at me like that? It's nothing. This upcoming week is your birthday. Do you remember? Ah, my birthday is in the winter.

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