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Sunday, March 2, 2014

GCN Radio Liberty (Dr Stan Monteith)

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You'll get hurt. Is it her? Who? Online Radio What? No Online Radio Her concern for you seems overboard. She's forever talking about you. Nah Online Radio She's like that originally. If it isn't, then it isn't. Why get so agitated? Who is it exactly? Not Online Radio It's Online Radio. Online Radio. Online Radio? Then who is Online Radio? The name of a puppy? Yup, puppy. GCN Radio Liberty (Dr Stan Monteith) It's a puppy that has lost its bearings. People often mistake it as human. So it's very worrying. You've drank too much. Internet Radio. What? Can you spot the Online Radio? It's so dark now, how to find the Online Radio? Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, South Korea is in the Northern Hemisphere. You can't see the Online Radio in Australia. Is it? But there's the Southern Cross. Ignorant guy. You still have a lot to learn. You're Online Radio So unknowledgeable. Are you sure you can make a living by being a writer? Unknowledgeable chap. Unknowledgeable chap. The next departure date is next Monday. Yes. Not so many. It's to gather materials. So there's me, writer and Director If the plan succeeds, we'll all go together. Hello. Hold on for a moment. Yes. It's autumn in Australia. The preparations for the clothes are pretty similar. Yes, I understand. Keep in contact. When did you come? Going to Australia? Yes Why? This time around, Director's schedule for gathering materials has been arranged to be there. That's why there's a one week trip. He didn't even tell me anything. When will Director come? There. Is anything the matter? That's good. Why is it so timely? Why? You know the movie, You Cost, and the producer, Online Radio, right? There's a very capable scriptwriter in Australia. Who is it? She wants to meet you. My mum's the contact. GCN Radio Liberty (Dr Stan Monteith) My mum wanted to get in touch with you directly but I didn't allow her. I told her that I will tell you about it instead. What? What? What? There's an intention for a collaboration. I've heard that they have a very large scale proposal to cooperate with the largest film company. It's with the motive of breaking into the Asian market.

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