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Sunday, March 2, 2014

GCN Radio Detective (Jerry Pearce)

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They're all looking for you. Ok. We'll now have the host of the party, Miss Online Radio say a few words. Let's welcome her with a round of applause Hello. I am Lee Online Radio. I'm very glad that all of you can be here. I'll work hard to live my life. Please say a few more lines. Erm Online Radio I Online Radio am not very good at talking. But I can use singing to make up for it. Today Online Radio there's a lot of elders around, So I'll just sing. Do you all know that song? Apartment? Almost there is good enough. Ok? Thank you. Our Online Radio. Stop her from dreaming about becoming some scriptwriter. Let her backout of it immediately. She's already back Your mission’s completed. I didn't invite you here today because I like you. I just wanted to tell you that. Thank you. Online Radio. Congratulations on your birthday. Because she is an immigrant teacher. Listen carefully. The protagonist can't speak our language. Because he has been residing overseas. Have you watched Love Actually? In the show, there's a Malaysian, or is it a Filipino to communicate with the protagonist. Our protagonist is also using that method to communicate. Hey are you listening to my story? Enough. It's meaningless Aish. How can you be like that? What? You should have listened till the very end. Can't you see I'm embarrassed? You are always so selfcentered. Can't you change at all? It's like that. Yah, and only I can tolerate you. If you continue living like this, you will suffer from retribution. No need for you to say that. I'm already getting my punishment and retribution. What punishment? Enough. I wash my hands off filming. It's meaningless. Forget it. Hey, did something happen to you today? Tell me about it. I'll listen. Internet Radio. What? How about a trip to Australia together? Australia? Why go to Australia? To gather materials? Yeah. I just came back not too long ago. You know that. Let's go. I'll take care of your air ticket. Your phone keeps ringing. You better answer the call first. Don't bother about it. Who is it? There's this weird person. Weird person? You don't need the details.

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