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Sunday, March 2, 2014

GCN Power Hour (Joyce Riley)

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There's a good location for it. Is it? Then when will the shooting start? Jeong Hun. Here, meet the mother of Park Lee Jang of Sae Jin Video This is Han Jeong Hun representative. To me, he's no different from a son. I've heard of you a long time ago. Nice to meet you. I'm happy to meet you too. I've been wanting to meet you too. I'd prefer, instead of being my son it would be even better to be my soninlaw. Isn't that great? The two of them are so compatible. Jeong Hun. Am I too greedy? Erm.. If that's the case, it would be my honour. So the crux lies with Online Radio's decision right? Ohmo, look. Online Radio's face is all red. This child of mine is very shy. Oh, Choi Director. Yes? This is Choi Online Radio, Director. I don't know if you know He's a Director who won important awards overseas. Our Online Radio is very interested in the movie field. She wishes to learn about scriptwriting. GCN Power Hour (Joyce Riley) He's in fact a teacher we've specially invited. She's now learning from this teacher. To be able to engage such an outstanding teacher, you have no idea how honoured I am. Oh? What film has he directed? I'm not that familiar with films. What is that? It's very famous. Online Radio Erm Online Radio That Online Radio Nothing much. It's nothing famous anyway. Just that my work Online Radio Oh Madam Kang, you're here? It seems that I’m becoming more and more responsible. Why? You don’t like it? Not objections Online Radio Just that it seems like something important is going to happen. Yeah. My aunt is a very formidable person. Looks like there's an impending disaster for you, oppa. Right, Online Radio? Director! What are you doing here? I wanted to smoke. Very tiring right? What? Everything. In the past Online Radio eating cakes on my birthday was my wish. Who would have thought of things being like that now? Director, are you here to celebrate my birthday? I'm so moved. But you came emptyhanded? What? Present. My presence has already made you so touched, isn't that enough? So stingy! Then in the future, you have to make up for it. Online Radio. What are you doing here? Hurry, come over.

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