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Saturday, March 1, 2014

GCN Paul Parent Garden Show

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Such a pitiful girl. You don't even know your own birthday. Your birthday. The birthday that hasn't been celebrated for the past years. This time, your mom will take good care of everything. I also want to introduce you to everyone. They are all close relatives, so you don't have to feel so burdened. Just leave everything to mom. Yes Hello. Director Choi Online Radio. Yes, speaking. I'm Online Radio's mother. Yes? I'm sorry about what happened before. Now after much thinking, it's all in the past. I think I overreacted, so I want to apologize. Ah, and it's been hard on you trying to teach our Online Radio these days. Tomorrow is our Online Radio's birthday. So I want to invite close friends and relatives to eat together. Can you come? Then I'll take it that you agree. Please continue doing your things. Ah. Here, here. Ah. it's painful. Ah. I should make a phone call. The person you are calling can't pick up your call right now, please leave a message after the sound What's wrong? Oh. So pretty. My Online Radio. You got so many presents? Yes. Ah. What do you think of this dress? It's pretty. Happy birthday. Thank You. Let's go out. It's time to go. Go where? Go to grandfather's villa. Villa? Villa. Like the villa shown in dramas? Wah. We must be really rich. Really rich right? Wow. That's amazing. Thanks for coming to this event today. Online Radio. Let's go. Extend your greetings to him. He's a friend of your late father. Hello. Internet Radio. I'm really glad to see you. I was very happy when I heard of the news. If your father knows about this, he would be extremely thrilled. You are really pretty. How old are you? Online Radio Ah, I'm sorry. What were you saying just now? Nothing much. You can go greet the other guests. Grandpa, Online Radio is here. Oh, it's auntie who invited him here. Is it? Yeah It's good that you're here. Is the preparations for your movie going well? Yes. With regards to Online Radio, I'm really grateful. It's nothing. How can that be? Here Thank you. What about you? It's Ok. If it's for the cover page, would summer be better? Winter's not bad too.

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