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Saturday, March 1, 2014

GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg)

GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg), GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg) Live, GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg) Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

This way, this way Online Radio down! One more time, one more time! Oh, oh Online Radio got it! Ahhh! What a pity! Slowly, slowly. Stop! Got it! Wow, wonderful! Here, present. Oh, thank you. Oh, Internet Radio, what's up? Did you have a good trip? Yeah. I got your vitamins. I want to have a drink with you. Now? Isn't it late? Late? It's not even o'clock yet. Come out. You haven't eaten dinner, right? Ah, I miss Australia. The old days Online Radio when I was with you and Online Radio, playing all day Online Radio Oh sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned Online Radio. It's ok. I Online Radio I thought you wouldn't be back from Australia this time. Why did you refuse such a nice proposal? You're so stubborn. Want to go drink? Cheers! Umm Online Radio GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg) If I had met you earlier than Online Radio, how would things be like today? I always wondered. Maybe I would be the one by your side, wouldn't I? Hmm. Maybe. You were serious? What? I'll interpret that you have interest in me. I do have interest in you. Really? You're beside me right now, and I don't hate you. Isn't it? Internet Radio. You're drunk. I'm not. I Online Radio Can't I have a special relationship with you? Erm Online Radio Is it because of Online Radio? I'll do it well! I can do everything. I can do everything to become the one you want. Internet Radio. Let's leave. You seem drunk. Internet Radio. Let me ask you one question. Do you already have someone in your heart? That's why you're acting like this? Don't talk nonsense. Get up. I'll take you home. What about dinner? I've eaten already. With Radios? Yes. Go greet Grandpa before going upstairs. GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg) He's worried about you. I heard you went to meet Radios? Yes. How was it? Good? This is Grandpa's present. Then, good night. He's got to be kidding. Got it for free Online Radio Sister Online Radio You want to die? After reading Online Radio have to write a review. What review? Forget it. I'm not writing. Forget it. I don't want this kind of onesided relationship. I don’t want, I don’t want to like him anymore. I just have to sort it out. GCN Paracast (Gene Steinberg) Online Radio, don't like him anymore! Terminate it.

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