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Saturday, March 1, 2014

GCN Officer Jack McLamb Show

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Uh, leave. Aigoo, it's so Online Radio Oh, souvenir. Ok, bingo! Good! Younger sister? Bad guy Online Radio This wild boar Online Radio Bad kid. Whoa, that's so wonderful. Look at the table! How glossy Online Radio really Online Radio It's as big as a sofa at home, right? Wow, how did you do that? Wow, you can lay down? Me too. Wow, it doesn't work. Ah, you have to press this, huh? It's really wonderful! That's so cool! But why isn't there anyone here? Wow, look at this. It seems this movie's not interesting at all. There's no people here. This theater's for the two of us only today. Do whatever you want. No one will know. GCN Officer Jack McLamb Show Here comes someone. Oh Online Radio What's this? Thank you. Is the movie interesting? Well. Though I can't say it's not interesting Online Radio So? No Online Radio the thing called MOVIE Online Radio It's not about comparison, but breathing together with the audience. Feels as if I'm doing a comparison. Ah, it's like that? Mr Manager, you were really good at school, right? Do I look like it? Yes. You are the top student of the whole school, right? Almost right. Bingo! I can see everything. You have the "Top Student of The School" written on your forehead. Do you have a girlfriend? Uhh Online Radio not until now. Eh, I knew it! To girls, a top student like you is real burdensome. Burdensome. Why? Girls have no interests in the top student style. You got hurt? Aigoo, I just wanted to help you Online Radio Miss Online Radio, what kind of guys do you like? Except for top students? Me? Aigoo, I Online Radio I Online Radio Aigoo Online Radio What can I do even if I like someone? It's only a onesided love. GCN Officer Jack McLamb Show You have someone you like? Huh? Yes. I have someone I like. Really? Maybe someone that I know? That Online Radio Want to try that? Can we play? Yes. Ok! Caught it, caught it! Hold on. What a pity. Aigoo, it's good for a firsttimer. Next time you can make it. Let's go! No, I can do that. No, let's do it next time. Oh my Online Radio When did you exchange so many coins? Okay, okay, I can see it. I can see it.

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