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Thursday, March 6, 2014

GCN Voice of Reason (John Anderson)

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Internet Radio ? He said he came to visit you. I'll arrive in minutes, please get ready. Internet Radio! Internet Radioo Online Radio You WERE home? Why didn't you answer the phone if you were home? When did you come? You don't have to know that All you should know is that we need to talk. You don't have anything you wanna eat? If you have anything you wanna eat just say it, I'll buy it for you. Expensive ones don't matter either. I have some money now, although it's not mine I have a date now so I have to go. See you next time. Director! Are you angry? Are you mad? Why am I mad? I'm not angry. Then why are you acting like this? You look so narrowminded.. See you next time. You can't even give me a minute? Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio What are you doing here? That Online Radio that I I told her to come. She borrowed some materials from me so I asked her to come. Oh that's it? Yes! Hop in the car, Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio, will you just take a taxi? We are going to some place together. Yeah, just go. Ok! Hop in, Internet Radio! Please take me too I'm so bored today and I haven't even look around the scenery in Seoul. Unni Online Radio if you are going to any good place please take me there too. Whoa it's so wide and nice inside. Hurry! Quickly, hop in! Online Radio, wanna listen to some music? Hmm great. Did you eat breakfast? Yeah Online Radio How's this song, Online Radio? I played the song you like. Thanks. Online Radio, you just go home first. Yes? You can't really join this. It's a gettogether for schoolfellows. Yes, just go home. See you at home Hey Online Radio! Internet Radiok!! You've become quite old these days huh? I can live on now cuz I see you. I may live on! So happy to meet you! Internet Radio! Why didn't you leave? Yes Online Radio Why? Internet Radio I'll be really disappointed if you keep acting like this.. What? I lied to you these days so you are mad right? No Online Radio Aren't you? I'm not mad at you You came back again to tell me this? Yes? Online Radio Online Radio so you are here? We are all looking for you..

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