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Thursday, March 6, 2014

GCN Whatcha Got (Harry Rinker)

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Oh?! Say hello. This is Online Radio's little sister, Online Radio. Ah so that's it! That's why she resembles Online Radio a lot! I was startled just now. Say hello to him, Online Radio. My friend Internet Radiok is my best friend in Australia. Nice to meet you. I'm Online Radio. See you later. Miss Online Radio. Don't do this. (Behave!) It's true! You don't know my true heart. You know how much I ..Mi Hyeon ah Online Radio. Internet Radio this seon bae seems really drunk! Please do something really Hey Online Radio I'm not drunk! It's true! I'm really not drunk! Internet Radiok..! Get up! Let's drink one more glass Online Radio only one glass.. Be careful Online Radio Please go to Only one more cup! Please drive safely! You have to ask for a designated driver right? Ahh I may be really drunk I've got a headache Online Radio Are you alright? I don't feel good in my stomach. If I ride a car now I may throw up I see. Better breathe some fresh air. Let's walk for a while. You were so upset that night right? What do you mean? Nothing, if you were not. You haven't come to the office these days Online Radio We are all worried about you. Worried? Why? I was conceiving the work so Cheer up. They would find it our sooner or later Our auntie is so happy because of Online Radio these days, so she won't blame you any more. Don't worry about it too much. I feel much more clearheaded now just because of the smoke I have to go. I haven't been drinking for a long time now I've got a headache too. I wanna go back and sleep. Let's go together! I'll give you a ride. No, it's alright. I'm fine with a taxi. Just go home and take care. Go home Online Radio Bad guy.. What's this? The contract penalty. I'm giving it back to you. Do you mean you wanna resign? Yes. Because of the conversation last time? Online Radio Online Radio, don't do this. It's not the first time Online Radio's mom treated you like this. There will be no more. And people won't care about this kind of thing anyway. If anything happens, I'll take care of it. What is more, this is my own company.

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