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Thursday, March 6, 2014

GCN World Crisis Radio (Webster Tarpley)

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Investors can't really intervene. I make the decision regarding contracts. Thanks for your help anyways, Hyung. It's me that want to resign. I don't wanna work here. Where? You've already talked with other companies? It's not like that. I've got to write scenarios for a while. Honestly speaking, I've been too lazy these days, gonna clear up my mind now. Online Radio Online Radio Thank you, Hyung. I won't forget your grace. Oh my..!! How you doing? Hello Online Radio how are you doing? Why are you acting like this? Oh why? Why are you speaking so politely? No Online Radio I didn't speak so politely Online Radio Ah, right Online Radio You've come to visit Internet Radio right? Yes Miss Online Radio Online Radio Ah yes, hello What's the matter? Should we drink one glass? Ok? How's it going? So far? Just so so. So far. That's it? Until now yes, until now What's your plan for the weekend? Yes? I'm going to the field with Mr. President. Wanna come with us? Field? Golf. It's interesting. I'll teach you. Ahh golf. I thought about it before but compared to golf, I prefer football Ahh do you? Yes Online Radio Ahh umm Online Radio Internet Radio Feel free to call me It'll be fine if you call me Jeong Hun oppa, like your noona does. We are still not that familiar with each other now Online Radio Umm.. that What's the matter? About Internet Radio Choi Online Radio? Yes He can still work there right? No Online Radio my mother and grandpa their You mean their pressure? Yes Pressure Why? Are you worried? Miss Online Radio, you are so kindhearted. He treated you badly right? You don't have to worry about the pressure thing. Because Online Radio has already resigned. This fellow Online Radio he's got talent but not a good character. Although he's talented in art and sensible, he's got too much selfesteem. It seems you can drink a lot? Wanna ask for one more bottle? No not this kind of wine. Wanna drink some soju with me? Yes..? I don't quite like this kind of alcohol. Among all types of alcohol Soju is the best! The best! Soju and chicken feet!

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