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Friday, March 7, 2014


GDRADIO, GDRADIO Live, GDRADIO Listen Online, Classic Rock, USA

Ahh thank you Online Radio please drink one cup~ It seems that you're a juicehead, Miss Online Radio . I can only drink a little, just a little. What's this occasion for? This time is for Miss Online Radio's successful start! Bottom up? OK Online Radio OK..! Haven't you drunk too much? No Online Radio Internet Radio this little It must be delicious.. Internet Radio, please give us more pepper sauce Look at this see? Why does this chicken feet look like a duck feet? It even has five toes You don't eat chicken feet, do you? I do.. Then eat it! Ahh it's so wonderful, it looks like a piece of clover? Why is the soju so tasteless? Ajuhssi Online Radio Yes? There's one thing I'm curious about Do I and my big sister look that alike? Yes you look like a lot. I was startled at first too. I thought you were Online Radio. .ahh is that so.. Why do you suddenly ask about your sister? However Ajuhssi Online Radio What's wrong with your hair, Ajuhssi? I don't like your hair. I hate it. Can't you have it cut like this such as this part here Online Radio like this My haircut is short so . Where are you going? Excuse me for a minute bye Online Radio Internet Radio Online Radio Say hello. This is Online Radio's little sister, Miss Online Radio. You don't have to worry about the pressure thing Online Radio Online Radio has already resigned. Who is it? What's the matter? Internet Radio Are you drunk? No Online Radio I'm not drunk.. Let me in because I have something to say .. No way. Go home. I'm busy. Let me in because I have something to say! Wow Online Radio This is where Internet Radio lives! Wow, that's great! Wow Online Radio wow Online Radio wow Online Radio Sit here. Sit! Where did you drink this much? That's none of your business. Now I ask and you answer If you answer my question, I'll give you won won.. Ok Online Radio here's my question Online Radio The first question Online Radio Who am I? Am I Online Radio? Am I Online Radio? You don't answer me huh? Answer me quickly..! I see Online Radio OK If you hate to answer, just next question.. Pass..!

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