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Friday, March 7, 2014

Gen-Y fm

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Hey, Choi Online Radio Online Radio You How much did you love my big sister? How much did you love her As big as the sky? As big as the earth? Hey let me hear the answer, huh? Let's go home. Let go of me!! I heard you resigned? You chickened out? You don't have anything that doesn't match her right? I'm really disappointed at you! But Online Radio you you are not like that to me to me you are not like that I'm not always a liar I only told a lie small like this but is it such a big fault? Why don't you talk to me? What did I do wrong? I'm my unni's sister all the time I'm Online Radio's sister.. Shouldn't you treat me even better? What did I do wrong???!! Let go of me!! Lee Online Radio. Go home. Go home! How dare you act like this here? Hey! Behave! Go home! If your sister's alive, I would be your brotherinlaw Alright. Go Online Radio I'll go. I'm going Even she's alive, she'll die You stupid, stupid, awful person! Die! I'm leaving now! Let's go home. I'll take you home. Mom Online Radio Mom Online Radio Don't make noise. Internet Radio already asleep What happened? Be careful Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio Online Radio What's with her? Call her family and ask them to take her home Just tell them she's here. I'll be off then. Online Radio Online Radio Mom Online Radio You've called just in time I have something to ask you. What? I'm thinking of farming potatoes. Do you know where the little hoe is? Potatoes? It's already time to grow potatoes? Yeah Hoe? The hoe's not in the toolbox that's in the shed? She even drank with Jeong Hun yesterday The atmosphere doesn't seem too bad. Looks like this young chap is very attentive in what he does. How can he read my mind so well. How about letting her learn from him? Dad, I don't wish for Online Radio to do anything. How many times must I tell you? I've already asked Jeong Hun to find her a suitable place in his company Online Radio shouldn't have been allowed to learn music too. I should have sent her to the States to learn management. Then she wouldn't have died.

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