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Saturday, March 8, 2014


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Put an end to it. It hurts. Choi Internet Radio, you Online Radio I don't have you in my heart. You've been sorted out. Ended already. Director? Can you come out for a while? Where are you? I'll be there right away. Get up. Get up. Director. She's very drunk. Bring her back. Unnie. Let go. Let go of me. I want to die here. Internet Radio. Don't be like that. Don't treat me like that. Really. Really, don't be like that. Don't be like that. Why are you treating me this way? You're not like that. Online Radio, quickly hail a taxi. Ok. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Are you ok? Something's on your face. Let me see. Internet Radio, sober up. Why are you so Online Radio Taxi! Taxi! I'm not getting in. Unnie, get in. I don't want to leave now. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Internet Radio. Ah Online Radio I Online Radio this is killing me. I'm going crazy. You're really Online Radio Unnie. Unnie. Get out. Internet Radio unnie. What? Do you like Director? What? Do you like him? What does it have to do with you? You can't say it like that. You're so annoying, get out! Get out! Told you to get out! Naive and bumpkin Online Radio Make me a cup of coffee. Oh, have you finished your homework? What homework? Didn't I tell you to write a review? When? When else? Yesterday, of course. It didn't seem like homework. Take out your review. You didn't write it, right? Right. Have you read it then? Sort of. How was it? Meaningless. How can it be meaningless? That's such a good book. Why were you upset? I was too tired yesterday. It's possible I haven't finished reading it yet. You fellow. Why are you like that? If you continue like this, how can you become a writer? Going out to have fun is meaningful; learning is meaningless, right? And you are still thinking of becoming a writer? Forget it! How can you say that book is meaningless? No matter how low your standards are, can't you see it's a master piece? Writer Online Radio What kind of writer can you be with your standards? Yeah, my standards are low. I'm naive. So Director and Internet Radio unnie whose standards are high, can work hard together.

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