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Saturday, March 8, 2014


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What? So what that Director who resembled a goat said the other time was right. Yeah, Director indeed has complex relationships with women, are you happy? What are you talking about? I don't know. I don't repeat things I've said. Online Radio. I'm Online Radio. And don't throw the script around. That was written with our blood and sweat. Where're you going? Didn't you ask me to make coffee? The back of my head!! Fire her immediately for me. Internet Radio. You like her, right? Who? I know everything. Just confess. What? Can I make wild guesses? I'm an expert with matters between opposite Radioses. Then, why are you still alone, without a lover? It's not like that. What is not like that? It's so obvious. I told you, it's not. Don't shout. Only the two of us are here. I'm not deaf. Internet Radio. It's a definite nono. This is definitely not allowed. As a friend, I'm advising you sincerely. You should know when to stop. Stop what? I didn't do anything. This is not love. It's definitely not love or anything. Just that Online Radio There's this weird kid who came from nowhere. A weird kid who appeared with a "Jang". That kid is torturing me. I was about to find myself until she messed up everything. I also wanted to live comfortably alone. But after that weird kid appeared, everything's in a mess. Even my mind is in a chaotic state. I'm totally confused. She's indeed weird. Weird? Right. But Online Radio But? But that kind of weirdness seems to be contagious. Why do I always want to see her? Just seeing her face makes me feel like laughing. When I see her face, my heart will ache. I'm going crazy. Yah. You Online Radio She Online Radio Don't you know who she is? Online Radio's sister. I know. Yeah? It's good that you know. Lad. Wake up. If you don't wake up, people will be looking at you oddly. That's just a matter of time. Mom. Oh, Online Radio. I'm very busy now. I can't talk right now. We'll talk next time. Why is mom always avoiding my calls these days? Even if you answered, you always hung up immediately. Mom, what happened? When was I ever like that? There's too much work to do in the field.

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