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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Girls Rock Radio

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Listen up. This will make you dumbfounded. In Australia, there's a very huge desert. Desert. Desert? The windy and dusty desert? That's right. Near the desert, the aborigines make souvenirs. There's only three made in a year. Extremely rare. They only make them when there's a solar eclipse, or is it a lunar eclipse? Anyway, they'll only make them on such occasions. There's nothing special about its appearance. It looks just like a koala. But, according to sorcery, it's very valuable. Sorcery? What sorcery? It is said that possessing it will drive out all sickness and attain immortality, and live a thousand years. Thousand years Online Radio How's it be possible? That's why I say it's just a psychological thing for our Director. It's totally impossible. Director must have been desperate to live to a ripe old age. Why does he want to live such a long life? No one can tell for sure what's going to happen tomorrow. Please live to a ripe old age. Seon Jeong, too. Eat more. Online Radio. I'm leaving first. Enjoy your meal. I'll give you this too. This is Online Radio a souvenir from the tour guide. I heard that if I have a sister, I can give it to her. Souvenir, is it? Got it for free. From this angle, it looks quite pretty actually. You don't like it? What? When did you come? I've been looking for you. Why are you looking for me? Didn't you tell me to write a review? I've read the book. It isn't too bad. Actually, I felt very touched. You came here just to say that? No. I'm also here to take a look at the filming sites. If it's not satisfied, I can request for a termination. What? Treat me better. I'm here because I wanted to help you get more funding. Why are you so hard to get along with today? You! Let me see what you've filmed so far. I want to see. I have to check if it's compatible film content. Online Radio. Told you, it's Online Radio. How do I view it? It's recording. Online Radio's not answering her cell, so I wanted to ask if she's at home. She's not at home. She said she was going to the office. I'm getting worried too. She's not answering her cell.

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