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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Global Bach Community, 24/7 Bach

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Radios, can you help look for her? She said she was going to meet the writer. Do you know that person's number? Hello. Where did you go? I went to meet a friend. Where's Radios? Director went to look for filming sites. Alone? Yeah. He took the camera to test out the sites. Did you see Online Radio? Online Radio? She was with me just now. Why? You don't know where she is now? I have no idea. She ran off suddenly. To where? I don't know. She was alright initially, but later on, she seemed to be in a daze. I'm not so sure too. I'll go in first then. This place feels like a foreign country. Are the buildings in Australia like those too? No. They're totally different. Director. Take me to Australia some time too. Kid, why must I bring you there? Go by yourself. You're so rich. Stingy. Let's go home after finishing the coffee. They'll be worried. Director. Just film once. What? To be filmed once is also my wish. Why do you have so many wishes? Yah. Just once only. I'm curious if I'm photogenic or not. Who knows? Maybe I'm so photogenic, I can even become a star. I know it, your face will never be photogenic. Just assume that I owe you a favor. Just film once. I might as well throw away the camera. Just treat it as you've thrown it away. Just film once. I have something to say in front of the camera. Then just say it directly. No. I have to say it in front of the camera. I must. I'm going crazy today. Is it ok? Yeah. Action. Director. How do you do? I'm not fine. I'm Online Radio. We've known each other for how long already? Anyway, Director, I Online Radio Director. What? Director? Say it, kid. Director Online Radio Director is very good looking. What is it! Everyone in the world knows that I'm handsome. Come. It's Director's turn now. What? I just need to press this? Ok. Very good. Why do I have to do this? Director, say something too. That Online Radio What Online Radio How can you only let artists stand in front of the camera? Director has to do this too. Stand in front of the camera so that you can become an excellent Director. Hurry. Action, action.

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