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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Global Radio Alliance

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Online Radio. Online Radio. Don't just do this. You must learn too. Read more books. Work hard at writing, and become an outstanding person. Other than that, nothing else? Write your reviews well too. Live your life earnestly. Other than that, nothing else? Kid, stop it. Is there someone that you like? Yes. There's someone I like. Chang Ho. I'm Han Radios. Can you tell me where Radios is? What scene are you filming here? Party scene. You are filming that? Of course. The male protagonist, the scene where he, as an actor, holds a party here with many people. His first encounter with the female protagonist takes place here. You haven't read the script, right? No. I've read it, I've read it. Oh, that scene which gives people goosebumps Online Radio It's going to be filmed here? You want to die? No. No, I'm saying it's very good. Ah, Director. I have a wish. You Online Radio really have a lot of wishes. To dance at a place like this is also my wish. Isn't that always in fairytales? Dancing with the prince at a place like this, wearing a gown. I'm speechless. You really have a lot of tricks up your sleeves. Shall we dance? Forget it. Why? Because I'm not in a gown? Let's just dance for a while. In any case, we still have to know what's acting and stuff, right? Yah. Don't talk crap. Let's go. Just a while, really! Then we'll just dance once. Eh? Didn't you say it's your wish? Follow me. Oh my. Not bad, you have potential. Oh my. You dance really well. When did you learn? I've always been a professional at this, didn't you know? It's as if I've really become a princess. Stop stepping on my foot, kid. Sorry. Oh my. Why are your feet like bears' paws? Sorry. I've always been Online Radio Director. I have something to ask you. What? That koala figurine, why did you buy it for me? Because it's a souvenir. Then I Online Radio What am I to you, Director? It's just a Online Radio souvenir? If Online Radio I was’t my unnie's sister, would you like me then? When that time comes, can you become my lover? Kid! I am what Online Radio always Online Radio always "kid" here "kid" there, that kind of sister? I Online Radio Am I wrong now? I'm making mistakes now, right? I'm thinking too much, right? Didn't she die despicably? But I love you, Director. So I have the confidence to live for a thousand years. No. I'm saying it's not. Online Radio still doesn't understand much about relationships. She's really innocent and pretty. I want to protect her. I want to bring Online Radio overseas to study in the near future.

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