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Monday, March 10, 2014

Global Star 5

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Seems like our country's people are intense I Online Radio as I was watching TV during the World Cup, I was so envious. Looking at the people cheering at Gwang Hwa Mun I wish I could go to Gwang Hwa Mun. I really want to go. Hey Online Radio ! What are you thinking about? That day she Online Radio Who..? Online Radio's sister Her name's Online Radio. It's Online Radio? Online Radio really looks like Online Radio I guess that's what happened What..?! I went crazy for awhile. What are you talking about? I've let Online Radio down What? Internet Radio, is there any place you want to go? Are you referring to traveling? I've really thought of going Jejudo for a holiday. You fellow. Not traveling, but for work Ok. Jejudo's fine. When do you want to go? Then Online Radio let's bring Mi Hyeon along Why bring Mi Hyeon along? No Online Radio that day I made a lot of mistakes Take it as a form of apology Everything's fine about me, except when it comes to drinking. That's why you can't make it chap. Here it is You are back? Mom Online Radio What? Don't farm anymore in the coming year. Why? The land is not yours anyway and the work is tough. Plus, isn't your living expenses sent over monthly? I have other uses for the money What do you want to use it on? In the future, use it when you get married of course. Mom I'm a rich girl now I don't even need mom to settle the dowry when I get married and I still have a lot of dowry, that's how rich I am Very, very, very rich person. Doesn't mom know? That's true. Since its true, don't farm anymore next year It's my sincerity What sincerity of mum is that? Just listen to me. Our Online Radio grew up in such a tough and poor place? Don't say it's useless. Internet Radio Be more careful I'll do it Okay, let's go. Didn't I say not to do it this way? Geez, walk slowly. In a few days, after farming the potatoes, I'll go back. Must it be you who does the farming? Yes If not for me, there wouldn't be anyone farming. Don't you know you have a lot of things to do? Are you talking about exams? That, I can prepare for it in a very short time.

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