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Monday, March 10, 2014


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Don't worry I'm very smart. Bound to pass for sure. Let's go back. We've prepared a position for you in the film company. Oh, film company? Learn from Jeong Hun. It's in the management division. Start working tomorrow. That Online Radio I can't do that. You are talking to your grandpa. How can you use this kind of attitude? It's not like that. A person like me How can I go into management, grandpa? Even those who graduate from good universities can't find any job. Wouldn't that be harming people instead? Didn't you say working at the film company is your long cherished wish? My greatest wish is not in management. It's to learn about scripts. I just want to learn under Choi Online Radio Director Is that not possible? Under who? Nothing. Mom, are you ok? Where are you going? Oh Online Radio please go in and rest How much sugar do you want on your coffee? There's no need for coffee. That's not necessary. It's ok. You rest awhile I'll bring it in once I'm done. Internet Radio Yeah In the future, please don't call our Online Radio too frequently This will make Online Radio confused. There's still a lot of things to be done in Seoul. Can't you just help this little bit? I'll find someone to farm for you. That Online Radio about farming, I can do it myself. I can. I can do it myself. I can. I'm really sorry Driver, please stop awhile. Dad, you go back first. No matter what, I have to bring Online Radio back myself. Enough. Let's just go back. Dad Didn't she say she'll return in a few days? Let's just wait for a few days. I have a premonition as a mom that it's possible she'll never return. It's because you are very worried, she wouldn't come back even if she wanted to. Mom, In Seoul there's facials that cost , won or , won per treatment. How can that be No, really. That nutritious whatever. Anyway it exists. Not that I've seen it myself. That's what other people say. Who? Don't talk. Just stay still. The cucumbers are falling off. Online Radio Wait, don't talk. Go back to Seoul tomorrow. Why? I'll leave after farming the potatoes.

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