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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Glory Radio

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That's not it. I'm not like that. What do you mean you're not! Yah that is Internet Radio harassment. Internet Radio harassment? Yes. Clear case of Internet Radio harassment. If you report him he can’t do anything about it. Those kind of people need to be reported. Do you know why there's so many cases of Internet Radio harassment around? Because nobody reports them, that's why there's more and more victims. What happened after he hugged you? What did he do? You all went somewhere to rest right? Yes right? Oh gosh it's true? I'm right. Oh my god. How? No. It's not like that. It's not? Anyway, you can get another job like that so you have to report him Online Radio such that it becomes the headline for the newspapers. Understand? Online Radio. But I showed a little mercy when I hit him. I’ve been thinking about it and the blow seems rather huge. Even if I don't report him, he should get the message. But Online Radio, why are you so violent? What are you talking about? Perhaps, I may be fired. How? What should I do if I'm really fired? Then should I go back immediately? What can I do if I go back? Me going back, going back is impossible. I'm really going crazy. How? Wait a minute. Thank you. Thank you. This is sweet water (honey water). Last night Online Radio it seemed you drank a lot Online Radio Make a copy of this. Ah yes Online Radio . How many copies do you want? copies. Where are you from? I'm from the movie team lead by director Choi. Do you have your identity card? Hmm Online Radio not yet Online Radio People from other departments has no access here. Who told you to make this few copies? There's no more paper so Online Radio Get out and do it again. Ahh..It might be a little bit difficult Online Radio I don't even have an identity card Online Radio And there're many people around the copy machine on every floor.. Yah! Who sent this girl to our team?! What's wrong with her attitude towards work?! Yah Online Radio if you continue acting like this tomorrow, don't come here again. Although I don't know why you were able to find a job here, it doesn't matter.

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