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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear

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This place is not for someone like you. Yah! Anyone out there, come in and make a copy of this! No Online Radio I'll do it again. I'm sorry. Hello Online Radio Oh, hello Online Radio Thank you. Is there anything on my face? Is your hometown Kang Won Do? Ah yes Online Radio My mother also was born in the house we are living in now. Then is this your first time coming to Seoul? Yes. But when I was small, I didn't like getting teased by other kids, so I lied that my hometown is in Seoul. Here it is. Thank you for your hard work. Ah you didn't really have to do this. Here. Thank you. My hands are a little slippery. Thank you. You have a scar? Ah this? It was an injury in a fire when I was little. My hometown is not in Seoul, but I was born in Seoul. Really Online Radio . GMMY Radio, Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear My mother had a restaurant there and one day the restaurant caught a big fire. That was how I got this burn mark. It must have been an unforgettable incident. I don't have any recollection of it. Online Radio.. where's the director? He's gone out. Already? I thought he said he needed this fast. Online Radio Online Radio Do you happen to know what is an e mail? Yah? Ah Online Radio what do you think a I am?! Ah what a relief Online Radio So you know what's an email..that's good. These are the photos of the director. The magazine concern needs them. Please send it to this address But you really can do it right? You can use the internet? Eventhough I hated it, but I was in high school too, and my major's information system. Ah did you? I have a minihompy too! And I even know how to use photoshop! You are not as stupid as you look. I thought you were a country pumpkin. So get this done! Where's the director? He's going to be late. Jeong Hun you are here? Yes. You!! When did you return to Korea? How have you been? Who gives you the permission to come here? How can you come here? Auntie! Thickskinned person. How can you appear here? Auntie..don't be like this Online Radio Bastard. Bring back my daughter. Our Radio! Bring her back! I'm sorry. Please control yourself. Hit music just go back! Go back! Yes.

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