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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

GoFM - No Rules! We Just Play Stuff!

GoFM - No Rules! We Just Play Stuff!, GoFM - No Rules! We Just Play Stuff! Live, GoFM - No Rules! We Just Play Stuff! Listen Online, Classic Rock Radio, USA

It's me, Online Radio. what's wrong? I made a few pieces of tunes. You wanna come now and listen to it?. I'll just take a look in the office later. Don't be like that. Just come Online Radio I'll buy you drink, How about o'clock? Just come! I'll be waiting. Hit music.. I know Online Radio I understand Online Radio But I really have to meet you today. I'll be waiting until you come. Wait a minute! How come you are not answering your handphone? You turned it off? Thank you Online Radio Thank you for taking care of everything for Radio death anniversary. Are you sick? It's not that. I've just caught some flu because I'm old now. Why are you speaking so pessimistically? It's true. Lately Radio has been in my dreams a lot. By any chance Online Radio Could it be Online Radio You know Radio sister. Radio sister? Yes Online Radio you told me before that Radio has a sister, but you lost her. What? You lost her due to that incident in the restaurant. Wasn't it like that? You're right Online Radio things happened like that, however I have a favor to ask. A favor? Lately my condition is not good, always having bad dreams. Jeong Hun, if possible, can you please don't bring up this subject? Online Radio! Ah yes Online Radio yes Online Radio yes Online Radio Ah the director forgets his phone again, please bring this to him. Ah this is already the ninth time, one time every days on average. I'm sorry to trouble you. Hit music Do you know where this is? Ah you don't know? Hello Hello..Hello Radio? Ah I'm Online Radio. Oh! Ah Director Online Radio Ah..I lost my way, now I'm here, I'm here. I'm almost there. But I don't know Online Radio I don't know where this place is. I should be close to your place. There's a lot of weird buildings Online Radio It's so confusing Online Radio the buildings around.. There are a lot of weird buildings here Online Radio There's Internet Radio Architecture and Online Radio Ah..It's san Kyoung building Oh..also a language centre.. And there's also Good morning real estate.. Do you know where this is? Walk meters towards right. That's right..

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