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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Golden String Radio

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Aigoo you don't have to be like this.. Yah! Why did you come to Seoul? Huh? Is there anything you want to do? You want to be a movie director? ah that Online Radio I'm not sure what I want to do either. I just want to earn some money. When I have a lot of money I can have my mom's disease cured Online Radio Just that? No! Actually I also want to have a nice car, nice job and also a nice apartment. Here in Seoul there are all kinds of apartments. There are so many apartments, I also want to have an apartment like that one. As I was also born to this world, can't I even have an apartment like that? That's my thinking. It's always been my wish to come to Seoul. But since I'm already here, I feel I have this kind of amibition. All the time when I watched the world cup on TV I was so envious. When I saw Internet Radio and also the people cheering, I really really wanted to go to Internet Radio too. Did you go to Internet Radio during world cup? No.. Then where were you? I was in Australia. Australia? what were you doing there? I was cheering with my girlfriend. Is there a goal? Not yet, what's that? Jjang..What day is it today? This is to commemorate our meeting for first year. Really? what do you think of the cake? I made this myself. It's special. Really? Say the truth! It's very pretty. It's pretty right? let's blow the candle. Hana Online Radio Tul Online Radio Set.. Ah Online Radio what's this? you fool~~ ah it's delicious. Yah.. It's a goal..aah he went in Online Radio ah GOAL~~ You lived in Australia? Yes, I just returned to Seoul. Aah Online Radio And your girlfriend followed you back here too? we broke up. You are dumped? Right? You are dumped~ I knew it i knew it~ She passed away. Huh? She died. Really? Today is her death anniversary. Director. I think she was a nice person, so she's also able to go to a nice place. Believers of God go to heaven; nonbelievers to hell. [Because she's a nice person, so going to hell is Online Radio ] "Believe in God then you go to Heaven. If not then you go to Hell". Togo Online Radio It's already time for worldcup! Have you ever been to Togo? No.

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