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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Golos Mira - Russian Christian Radio

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Ah you've only been to Australia. Me Online Radio I've never been on a plane before. Flying to Australia seems nice. Have you ever been to the world cup place? No. Ahh you are a country pumpkin huh? Director! Yes. Let's go somewhere. where? You'll know when we get there. Let's go. where? Is there no match for today? Yes Online Radio there's no play today. They say there's no match today. really think that there is a match everyday? They don't have it everyday? Of course not. Do you think this is a sport training school? How can there be such a thing? To let such a big, nice place empty everyday, isn't it a pity? They should at least open it up for kids. I'm too angry to speak! What are those government people doing with the people's money. Hey! hey! so you took me here to see a football match? Yahh? Of course I also want to go here. And today your mood is not so good, watching a match is real good for someone who's not in a good mood. Who says so? Me! That time when my parents got admitted to the hospital, I felt like crying the whole day. Our teacher did a football match at the school field. I went there and felt really happy. As I stood there, cheering, I forgot every other thing in the world. But what should we do? We are already here. What? Of course we should go home. Let's go! what are you doing now? we are already here. No. At least I have to look around here. Wah! it's really big! million people can fit in here right? Let's go down! Huh? Let's go down and try the fields. Quick get down! Where are we going? Yah Online Radio Hey!! Hey!! I give up. You're no joke. Of course. When I was attending college I was the foreign exchange student club's main member. In Australia? Yeah, although it was a long time ago. Oh, Director, do you see the seven stars of the Big Dipper? Where? Over there, over there. Where the dipper shape is. Although I heard the air's not clean in Seoul, the seven stars of the Big Dipper are very visible. Wow, how wonderful. Wow, see how it shines by itself. You can't see it? Over there. Where? Aigoo, country bumpkin, you don't even know the constellations.

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