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Friday, March 14, 2014

Radio Golos Mira - Bible Reading

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Ch no, that.. in Australia Online Radio the South is different so the Big Dipper constellation Online Radio There is none. So according to the location at time & I can't find Big Dipper. Ah Online Radio there is no Big Dipper in the South? Of course, instead there is the Southern Cross. Oh Online Radio Southern Cross. Ah, that is so. In the South the constellations are different. Aii, kiddo, that's because you slept when taking nature study classes. Director, you know what Online Radio ? They say that when people die, you return to your star. You return to the star that you originally lived on and you have to write a report on life on the earth, using sheets of photocopy paper.. Hey, now who says that kind of childish talk. Did your teacher teach you that? No, our mom did. Our mother Online Radio is a great master in story telling. Although she's got bad memory and talking about creativity she's a genius. Director. Do I look like an earthman? Director, that is Online Radio Cheer up. What about me? Have strength. If only years pass, you'll meet again, so. For years to pass is fast. Even though you love her, you can't even wait that long? You want to run one more time? You there! Come out! Hey, we have to run away. Run away! Run away! A little more. What to do?! A little more. Run! Ah, that's it. Ah, I feel weird with a lady's purse. Here. Yes. Hello. I don't know if you remember me. I'm Han Jeong Hun of Min Entertainment. Even without doing that I gave you my number. Yes. Oh .. yes. No that's just Online Radio what are you speaking of Online Radio ? He's a very good person. During that time I had a lot of misunderstandings. After getting to know him, his mind is nice, he's selfsacrificing, has deep understanding. Oh, and Online Radio he's pitiful. His lover died. Online Radio, you are so despicable. What do you mean? After one cellphone does your assessment of a person change this much? You~ can't live like that! How can a sex harasser after one day change into an understanding person? No, I never called him a sex harasser, you did.

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