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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good Time Radio

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Hey look who this is? Director Choi! Yah~ Can't imagine we met like this, man. Yah kiddo, I thought you died. Long time no see, Father. Ya, let's go have a cup of tea somewhere. See you tomorrow. Just go. Ok. Don't tell you stepmom this, huh? She's my apprentice, She's a very acute kid. Just found out for the first time, what it likes for a person to love another person. This wonderful feeling does exist. I've heard this saying for times. Oh really? This time is different. Well, no matter what..let's put this aside. How's the girl who went to the movies with you? Maybe you were just away for too long. In our times Online Radio how to say Online Radio there is a thing called quality. However our Director Choi's special. Well, whose son is he. Hey, how's your mom going? Yes. She's still living with that old foreign guy? Yes. Ya Online Radio this time it lasts quite long, huh? It seems that guy's got great skills huh? That rascal Online Radio But.. why is your taste for love like that? What? Your taste is that simple? You even picked someone who looks exactly the same! huh? You collect that kind of girls? You have quite a special taste, you. We are not in a relationship, Father. Not? Why not? When I look for the first time Online Radio No. I said we are not lovers. I have the sight man. As you are already down a stream, just push the boat. Hey, how's the progress? You wanna marry her? No you won't. Talking about marriage you should think it over. Once you get married, your life's over. Father. I'm not you. She's just someone doing the odds in our company. Is she your employee? Yes, right. An employee. Although I'm your son, Father, but I'm not the kind who goes out with anyone. I have my standard. I'm leaving now. Let's talk next time. You Online Radio didn't leave? Why didn't you leave? I'm asking you. Umm Online Radio the way Online Radio I don't know the way Online Radio Online Radio. Just now.. you..

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