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Sunday, March 16, 2014

80s Forever – We Keep The 80s Alive

80s Forever – We Keep The 80s Alive, 80s Forever – We Keep The 80s Alive Live, 80s Forever – We Keep The 80s Alive Listen Online, 80s – New Wave – Alternative – Rare80s – Synthpop – Indie – Manchester Rave – New Romantic, Switzerland

Hard work everyone. Give me a lift home. Yes director. What about you? Aren't you going? Huh? I want to stay here. Stay and sleep here. Here? Yes. I just had a look, and it has everything I need. It has a bathroom, a kitchen. Jeong Seung. I will guard the office all night. Oh no, what should I do director? I need to go straight home. I can't give you a ride. Why not? It's my grandma's death anniversary. The moon is very bright. [New message] [Are you feeling lonely? There's blasting hot photos here] [Do you want to connect? Select Cancel] Soon Ok! Yes Uncle. I went to the shops to buy your medicine. After dinner, take the medicine on time. Understand? Okay, don't worry. I always take my medicine on time. What is this? Su Jeong Ga. (a traditional Hit music drink) I'm going to wait till Online Radio comes back to give it to her. By the time Online Radio comes back it would have gone off. No, don't. No, I have to taste it to know how it tastes. No, you cannot. Oh no, what am I going to do? Compensate for it! This is for my Online Radio! What am I gonna do? Soon Ok, I'm so sorry. It's Online Radio. Mom, of course it's great. It's really great! The company's huge! I'm not joking. It's a work of art. If you come, it'll definitely shock you. Totally love it. It's really very good. The buildings are also very tall. Mom, the buildings are so tall that it's scary. If you come, it'll definitely give you a shock. Really. Mom, how tall is this company? It's times taller than the electrical tower behind the mountain. Yes, I'm serious. This huge company employed me. Mom, I'm a good girl right? Because I'm your daughter. Are you happy? Mom, I'll make lots of money and take it home. After I make money, I'll buy you lots of sheep. I'll also buy you lots of medicine. And anything you wanna eat, I'll buy it for you. Have you taken your medication? Has my teacher been visiting you often? Oh yeah, mom. Have you fed them yet? They both have constipation. Don't give them alcohol, but give them more water. I'll give it to them when I come back then. Just give them water.

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