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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Goon Show Radio

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Yes? Yah~ how old are you? If you don't know the road then take a taxi! Yes you are from the village, but don't you think you are asking for too much? Why do you look at me like this? What do you mean? Right you don't speak English, but you don't even know how to say "Taxi!"? Yah kid, do I even have to show you the way? Director. Director, your girlfriend Online Radio Even she was alive, she'd break up with you. She'd leave you because of your bad temper. Say that again? I said, although I don't know who's your lover, even she was alive she'd break up with you! You kid Online Radio you really.. Why am I your kid? I'm my mom's daughter. Don't say that nonsense again. You are dismissed, now! Fine. From tomorrow. Get it?! Yes I know. I'm happy about that too. Coming to Seoul? I feel so regretful too. Not to mention working for someone like you! I can't work for you any longer. Goodbye! You Online Radio Today is your birthday? Hey! Happy birthday to you huh?! Happy birthday! You are even worse than a wild boar! You dirty asshole! Online Radio.. He's already sad. How could you ever mention his girlfriend? No, no, no. Well done, well done! That's ok~ He can live one even he heard that. No big deal. Online Radio! What's the matter? You Online Radio What's the matter?!?! Alright what's the matter? Yah you kid is really rude. I'm your boss! Do you have to stare me like that? It's none of your business! I don't work for you from tomorrow! I said I don't go! Online Radio! Online Radio! Online Radio! It's , won. ($.) Ok.. How much is the orange? won for . ($ for ) Why is it so expensive? Because the buying price is expensive for me. Then Online Radio Please give me only. That's impossible, Miss. So Online Radio just one please. Please give me won back. Although I'm your son, Father, I'm not the kind who goes out with anyone. I have my standard. Excuse me. Yes? Are you from this village? Yes. Is this your hometown? Yes. And..? I see, it's nothing. I'm just the music coordinator here, Yun Online Radio. Nice to meet you. This rice must be delicious.

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