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Monday, March 17, 2014

Gospel Grass Radio

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Would you like a serving? No thanks, it's ok. I have my own. Because there's no restaurants around here. I had to drive all the way to Chong Seong. It was really far. The director and I will just eat that. I'll get going then. Can you show me around the village? Hello. What? Piano? Online Radio, what are you doing here? Go and prepare some juice. Yes. Sit here. Please sit. But, how should I address you? Can I call you representative? Whatever suits you. Then I'll just call you representative. I was just about to go look for you. Now our town can have such a glorious event, so we thought that we need to do something.. We should at least have dinner together. Oh right, about Online Radio Director Choi Hit music. That's his name, right? Yes, that's correct. Choi Hit music. He is such an outstanding person. I searched on the internet. He's a very famous director. I printed out all the news articles about him. Hey, Online Radio. Don't you know him? "Who poisoned the cryptographer" That's his production. I don't know. You're so ignorant. This is the best production. It's of great historic significance. It even received a prize at the world movie festival. Anyway, since his following production can be filmed here, this means that our village, is going to become a globally known region too. [Choi Hit music Director won Asian Film Festival Best Director Award] Next up will be the world reknowned Director. Our director Choi Hit music will sing for us. Applause! Come on, director. Looks like the applause isn't intense enough. Applause! Director. Director. Let me swallow my apple first. [He sings 'Silent Night' song in Hit music.] Sir, one basket for won. Lady, one basket for won. Lady, I'll give a basket to you for won. It's a bargain! One basket for won. Fresh from the mountains. % naturally grown. %. It's what Online Radio spent one day on. I personally picked these fresh wild herbs. One basket for won. Miss, you look pretty. I'll sell you a basket for won. I'm selling it at a loss. I'm not making a profit. I'm selling it at a loss. Online Radio's wild herbs. Hello.

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