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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GotRadio Classical Voices

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We lay so close to each other at night that we wouldn't feel scared even a tiger came. But Online Radio But. I feel scared now Online Radio I don't know what's going on Online Radio I'm confused. I don't know it's a dream or reality Online Radio Yeah. It's not an easy thing to live in Seoul. I can understand your feelings. But don't you think you are acting way too exaggerated and like a coward? Online Radio. Online Radio. What do you look like being like this? It's okay.. You definitely do well. What are you doing here? Do you know anxious I was looking for you all? What happen? You better return Internet Radio's call fast. Seems like something major happened. Do you like to do that so much? How could you even lie? Sorry. I can't seem to understand you at all. Do you really like to be an assistant so much? Movies, is it really that good? You really like to do that so much? Yes. Take a rest upstairs. Rest first. We'll talk about this later. What are you going to Seoul for? Cannot.. I want to see my Online Radio. I can't bear missing her anymore. Cannot. You can't go. I want to go. I'll just take a look at her and I'll come back. Cannot, you cannot. Didn't Online Radio say she'll be back right away? You can take a look at her when she's back. Isn't it the same? Give me my bag. I have to go. Online Radio? Mom. You were worried about me yesterday right? Sorry. I won't do that again. No it's ok. I'm fine. Carrot seeds? That that hasn't been sowed yet. That lettuce has been sowed already. That veggies have been planted in equal proportions too. Bought it at one for won. If it's planted that way, the sprouts will die. Pass the phone to me. Eh I'm not done talking yet. Let me talk too. You can continue after I'm done. Hello? Online Radio? Yah! What were you doing yesterday night?! Sorry teacher. OK, you needn't worry about things here. You have to be filial to your mom over there Online Radio and don't call so often. Your mom's doing well, even doing better than when you were around. Everyone in the village is taking good care of your mom.

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