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Thursday, March 27, 2014

GotRadio Country Christmas

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Please. Get your ass out of there! Internet Radio Online Radio. Just hang on. Internet Radio Online Radio, put direct pressure on anything that bleeds. Four of morphine and one more liter of saline. Get me the biggest BP cuff you've got. How are you doing, Linda? Need to call my husband. We will, but we need to get you to a hospital. Bolus saline on the pressure bags. What's her BP? Online Radio . Look, doc, we've protocols to follow and you've broken most of them. Ten liters of O. Let's go. Sorry, it's just us in the rig. Oh, please, don't leave me. You can follow us Online Radio in your car if you want. I'm going with her. Excuse me. Looking for a kid named Elgin. Down at the end on the left. Thanks. Hey, what's up, man? What's up, doc? How you doing? Good. Just waiting on my mother to come get me. My cousin's driving. So, what have we learned from all this? Five a day, exercise some and find myself a job Online Radio at a vegetable stand or something, I guess. Good man. Well, all right, then. Take care of yourself. Yo, doc, you got an office somewhere? Me? We don't really have a doctor. I was thinking maybe we could come see you. Yeah, look. I just work in the ER. People come in, I see them once, twice tops. That's it, you know? Well, maybe we could hook up something then. The family clinic can help you with whatever you need. Just give them a call. Tell them I sent you. Stay on your meds. Guess he just got spooked. Midshaft clavicular fracture. That's a dangerous sport. He's usually steady Online Radio except for that time he refused to jump. There's minimal tenting. You' re very lucky. This is not gonna need surgery. Broke my leg in two places. Immobilization, Motrin for pain? Yep. Month in a sling. The good news is that will heal on its own. But I'll miss the Lamplight Classic. Get her a followup with Ortho. Be right back. Wish I was that fearless when I was . Is that fearless or is that reckless? She is fearless. I was reckless. Hey, look, I didn't wanna bug you earlier Online Radio because you've heard it from everybody, but Hey.

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