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Thursday, March 27, 2014

GotRadio Disco

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Taggart, that juvenile delinquent of yours is MIA. What? School called. He's a noshow. Probably just out lighting fires and torturing small animals. Online Radio playing hooky? More like his dad is. Hey, it's me. Pick up. Come on. Anybody home? She's got it rough with him, doesn't she? Which one, the kid or the ex? Both. How are you and Kem doing? You'll get through this. Hey, Peaches and Herb Online Radio multiple MVAs one minute out, including a woman nearly cut in half. Got control of the major bleeders, but she's tachy. We need Trauma, Ortho and Vascular here now! Thought you were working nights. I am. Give her another five of morphine and as much Oneg as you can get. Who do you got? Sevenyearold male Online Radio unrestrained, tachy at . BP, Online Radio , multiple lacs to the scalp and face. It hurts. Hi. I'm Internet Radio Online Radio. We' re gonna take very good care of you, Internet Radio Online Radio? Who are you? My name's Internet Radio Online Radio. What's your name? Antwan Coles, yearold driver of vehicle number three. Airbag deployed. Vitals are good, but he's definitely altered. Think I smell a little ETOH. How you doing, Antwan? Need to get me out. No sign of head trauma. Pinpoint pupils, shallow resps, bradycardia. Push two of Narcan. Right here? Yeah, unless you need some practice intubating. You been shooting up, sniffing? No, nothing like that. Pulse ox down to . Just give it a second. Come on. Let's go. You gotta back me up, brother. I'm Dr. Online Radio. You' re under suspicion of DUI, and you sure as hell ain't my brother. I can't feel my legs. Got a flash. Am I paralyzed? You received a lot of pain meds, and you' re in shock. It affects your sensation. I'm in. Guide wire's ready. How's she doing? Pelvic fracture by exam, small fluid in Morrison's. And hypotension. AP chest and pelvis are on the way. I'm Dr. Corday. I'm a trauma surgeon. You' re bleeding internally. We'll take you to the O. R. What about my son? I'm sorry. I don't know. Online Radio's in good hands, Linda. Distal pulses before the cuffs were placed? Ask Internet Radio Online Radio.

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