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Friday, March 28, 2014

GotRadio Forever Fifties

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Another liter of NS. We need more Oneg. Is my husband here? Not yet. Can you assist Internet Radio Online Radio Ortho's here. We need bleachers. Get Xray back to check line placement. Is he in trouble? No, it's just Online Radio I'm afraid he's too emotionally vulnerable. Need an intubation tray. What, are you saying that he can't Online Radio ? Do it. Wow, pretty ugly stuff. She can hear you. She is conscious. Diastolic's dropping. What happened to Dr. Chen's face? We might salvage with a BKA. Which will be a nonissue when she bleeds out from a massive hepatic lac. Tube her, get her to the O. R. for an exlap. No. I wanna wait for my husband. A laparotomy and a BKA. We' re doubleteaming. What's BKA? What are they saying? You need surgery. Online Radio and receive placement assistance anywhere in the USA. Don't wait any longer to enter the exciting world of Lost the pulse. That's P.E.A. Epi, cc's. Starting compressions. Come on. Internet Radio Online Radio, check the ThoraSeal. That's not it. The tube's kinked. Or in a false tract. No, it's not it. gauge angiocath and another chest tube tray. The mediastinum's not widened. There's no crepitus. Holding compressions. Vtach. Charging to . Normal heart, no chronic lung disease. It doesn't make any sense. Clear. Still Vtach. Internet Radio Online Radio, come on. Needle. Let's go! Sinus at . Too slow. Another round of epi. Internet Radio Online Radio, that Gould guy's asking for you. Who? Endstage cancer with the antibiotics. Did you tell him I'm busy? No, I wasn't gonna deal with his ass. Come on. Who's in and who's out? I'm in. Come on,. of atropine. You called? When am I getting my own room? It's noisy. It stinks. You'll get it when one becomes available. Don't patronize me. I'm not. Fever's down. What do you need? I dealt with a million smart alecks like you. Think you know everything, you know crap. Internet Radio Online Radio. Well, then, I'll be back to check on you later. I was a teacher. Junior high. years. I bet you were the kids' favorite. Weaver's on line one.

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