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Saturday, March 29, 2014

GotRadio Girl Power

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Can you take a message? She's in her car. Hi, Online Radio. Have you called the USMLE for your board results? I haven't had a chance. Well, are you going to? Yeah. Fine. Fine. Internet Radio Online Radio. I'll be back. Whatever. Frank, you have the number for the USMLE around anywhere? Do I look like ? Here. Let your fingers do the walking. Excuse me, nurse. My family was in an accident. Sinus. Weak carotid. It's better than nothing. of NS, another HemoCue Online Radio and let's get some warm blankets. Heart rate's dropping. . Damn it! Starting compressions. All right, epi. Let's go. Mark time. Online Radio? This the father? Yeah. What happened? Holding compressions. He suffered severe trauma to his chest in the accident. His lung's collapsed, and it's compromising his heart. We lost the pulse. Oh, my God. Let the doctors work. You have to do something. Pericardiocentesis needle. Not in tamponade. I know. Hey! Open up! You' re home early. What do you think you' re doing? We' re watching TV. Why? Because Online Radio is supposed to be in school, that's why. Dad said it was Internet Radio Online Radio. Well, it's not exactly his call, is it? I'm out of here. Later. I'll speak to you soon. Can I speak with you a minute? You can't do this. You can't pull him out of school when you feel like it. I wanted to take the kid with me You' re high. What? You smoked dope in front of him? No, I went outside. I took a few rips when he was watching TV. And it's no big deal, Internet Radio Online Radio? Maybe not to you, but to me it is. The reason I kept him out was I wanted to take him Where? To an arcade or a movie? Or your dealer's house? To my interview, Internet Radio Online Radio? Interview. All right? What? He got, like, the coolest job ever. He's gonna manage this building and they' re gonna give him a place to stay. Yeah, it's on upper Dearborn. It's twobedroom, twobath, fully remodeled. So now I can live with Dad too. The judge will ask questions about how you plan on caring for him Online Radio while you' re at work.

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