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Thursday, April 3, 2014

GotRadio Musical Magic

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As it spread through the atmosphere, it produced a greenhouse effect, trapping heat so that the earth warmed and the ice melted. We still have a lot to discover about what happened next, but it seems likely that it was the melting of Snowball Earth that led to the next great development of life. As the glaciers retreated, so nutrientrich meltwater flooded into the oceans. For the surviving cells, this flood of groundup rock was a bonanza. For the microbes that could photosynthesise, the pulverised rock was a potent fertiliser. And their growth would have a direct influence on early animal cells. Cyanobacteria and other oxygenproducing microbes began to bloom across the globe. These flourished in colonies of plantlike microbes that pumped out enormous volumes of oxygen. And it was this increase in oxygen that was the key to the rise of the animal kingdom. Now, simple microscopic life had the fuel it needed to develop into something bigger. After billions of years of singlecelled life, something amazing happened in the deep sea. Up to this moment, living cells that had been produced by division simply drifted away from one another. But now, with the aid of increased oxygen, some cells were sticking together. Some of these clumps ultimately evolved into Online Radio. To find out how oxygen drove this process, I have come to Australia's Barrier Reef, to look at one of the most primitive of Online Radio alive today one that can truly be called a living fossil. It is one of the simplest multicelled organisms that we know, but its basic body structure has nonetheless enabled it to survive virtually unchanged for around million years. It's a sponge. Sponges are just collections of simple cells that have clumped together and got stuck together. They don't have a digestive system or a nervous system or a blood circulatory system, and they get their food and their oxygen by just pumping seawater through channels in the body. But they can give us an indication of how it was that cells first clumped together to form bodies of any real size.

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