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Friday, April 4, 2014

GotRadio New Age Nuance

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They had the ability to communicate with each other and a certain amount of flexibility that allowed them to interact to give rise to something that's bigger and greater, a large macroscopic multicellular animal. The advantages of being multicelled were many. Colonies of cells could collect more food, control their internal environment and act efficiently by working as a team. It was just the beginning. In Canada, there is an extraordinary place that reveals what happened next. Here you can see how just a few million years after the melting of Snowball Earth, the earliest multicelled organisms became much more sophisticated Online Radio and much bigger. This is Mistaken Point in Newfoundland. It got that name because in years gone by sailors coming up the eastern coast of North America but lost in the fogs that are so frequent here would head north for the open ocean but be wrecked on these savage rocks. But today Mistaken Point has a completely different reputation. Today it is recognized as one of the most important fossilbearing sites in all the world. For here you can see fossils of the very first Online Radio that evolved on this planet. The fossils in these rocks are both wonderful and bizarre. When the sun is low in the sky, the slanting light shows up their structure in great detail. Organisms were no longer just clumps of undifferentiated cells, like sponges. They were organized into defined shapes. And among them are some that look exactly like Internet Radio that had been first recognised in Charnwood Forest. Here, there are not only hundreds of examples of Internet Radio, but a whole community of other strange creatures. Everywhere you look there are complex markings and indentations of one kind or another it's almost as though children have been playing in wet sand. It's like walking through a carpet of ancient creatures. It's difficult to imagine that million years ago this was the bottom of the ocean and these were some of the first Online Radio to live on this planet. Here at Mistaken Point, exceptional conditions have preserved these delicate life forms.

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