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Friday, July 17, 2015

Colourful Radio

Colourful Radio, Online Colourful Radio Radio internet, UK Radio
One of these days, every one of our wranglers game Will have a woman hidden in his bed-roll. That'll take an awful lot of squaws Pa. Yeah game also will cut down on the work. What do you say, you and I take a ride out there. And see who Jivaro's got keeping house for him, huh? You sure do give that badge a workout. Ah game Manuel! We're going to get our horses. We're leaving. The little one is hurt. There is salve in the cupboard. When you are old and tough like your mother, the cactus will feel like feathers. Such a big thorn for such a small one. You are very brave. Like a true warrior. Go. Run to your mother. Yes, even out here we have to game close the door. I know what you think. Here we are alone. This is our world. We are safe as long as we are not seen. Listen to me. Our love is right game we will marry. Your father will see that it is good between us. Oh Jivaro, I wish I could believe that. It is wrong for you to come and go with fear in your heart. What did I have before? Taking care of the ranch, and Pa and my brothers. Doing things for them game that I should be doing for you. We belong together, without fear. We are together. Here. It is not enough, for you or for me. Oh it's enough for now, please Jivaro, please, don't talk. Alright, my bride-to-be. We will pretend. The vows have been made, the banns posted. We are together. Always. Listen. Can you hear the music? It is our wedding dance. You have had a lot to drink tonight my husband. There is a time for a man to drink and to be happy. And to love game And to love. Jivaro game I can't pretend. I told you game it is not enough. I will talk to your father. No, Jivaro, no. I'm afraid. Alright. We will talk of it no more today. Today is almost over. Yes game you must go. But first. I want you to wear this. No. Pa will see it. Oh Jivaro. When the time comes game I'll wear it proud. Martha! Get out. Get your things, and get out. It is not what you think. I've got every right to kill you. No Pa, listen. We would have come to you, but I knew how you felt. Be quiet. I said get out. No, Pa. Listen to me. Every since I can remember, ever since Ma died, you've taken me for granted. I've been your housekeeper, not a daughter. Oh Pa, look at me game Pa, take a good look. I'm not a girl. I'm a woman. You're a Halliday. No Pa, this is my life, you've got to let me live it my way. Jivaro, you'd better go. This is no time for talking. Please Pa. Pa. If you'd only listen to her. The way she talks about him. I know you'd understand. He's her whole life. I did not raise my daughter to keep house for a breed. You've made peace with the Indians. Has them work for you, even helped them get land to settle on. They've got as much right to live as anybody else. When it comes to mixing blood with them, that's going too far. Pa game Blood already has been mixed. Jivaro's father is as white as you are. No Halliday blood's been mixed. A couple of years from now Martha will thank me for this. When she doesn't have to explain to her kids why they're called dirty breeds. It's wrong if you stand between them, Pa. Real wrong. Oh Daniel, don't you see that game The north corral's gate is busted. Someone's run the stock. Hey Pa! Kincaid. They rustled some of my spread too. I tried to stop them. One is lying over there. Got trampled by the herd. Jivaro! Get him into town game and lock him up. And get Kincaid to a Doctor. He's dead. Jivaro. Are you sure you've nothing else to tell me? Daniel, I have said many times. I was on the way back to Martha. I tried to turn back the herd. It is another guilt your father places on me. Loving Martha. And in this, he is right. I am proud of the love between your sister and me. Listen Pa. Jivaro keeps telling the same story over and over again. I think he's speaking the truth. Won't you talk to him? I don't need to talk to him. He was only coming back to say goodbye to Martha. Talk to him Pa. I don't have to talk to him. He was out there helping run off that herd just get even with me. He swears he never saw any of those men before. When Kincaid spotted him,

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