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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Radio Capital Xtra

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Clay will bring him back. Give him time. It'd best be soon. Your Pa is awake game Come here. I know we ain't been father and daughter for a long time. We've been living under the same roof, but game Not like a family. You know game You and Dan game Are a lot alike game except. You didn't leave. Martha. Martha. You got to game understand. What I did game I did for your own good. Gracie Manuel. Senorita. Martha. We rode to the pass. Manuel climbed the lookout, we saw no riders or dust trails. He heard your voices. He thought it was them. How is he? Oh, the only thing that's keeping him alive is waiting for Daniel. It seems that's what we're all doing. No. I'm waiting for Clay. Is that why you rode out? Let me take your tray. Martha. Did game Aleta see anything from the pass? No Pa, it's too soon. Maybe tomorrow. I want to know. Day or night, I want to know. Pa, you told me before. Make sure game you wake me. Be sure. I've got to be game ready game for my son. Well that's one thing that never changes. Thirty years ago, your father buried that tomahawk. Made peace with the Indians and made our town possible. That's why we owe big Dan a right to see you before he dies. Now, if you want to ride in, you hand them over. And the rifle. When he passes on, you head back over this pass. You stand a good chance of winding up the same way. Goodbye Clay. Mr Jivaro. Senor Daniel. Hello Manuel. Hello Dan. Heard about your wedding plans. Can't take your eyes off him, can you. Can you? Dan. Martha. Oh Dan. It's good to have you back. It's good to see you. I wish it didn't have to be this way. It's the only way it can be. How is he? The thought of you coming seems to game keep him alive. Daniel. I know you're game out there. He's never too sick to bellow. Dan, don't fight with him now, please. Leave the past alone. Can he? Please Dan, he wants to forgive you, to go back to the way it was. The way it was? The way it was. It seems a hundred years ago. What's keeping you Daniel? That's the way he sound then. I'm coming Pa. Pa! Dan! Good to see you, boy.I rode in from the north range as soon as I heard you were back. Tell me, how'd the branding go, son? Just finished. Three thousand head. Hey, you must have been working your hide off. I've got something for you over here. I would like to have you try them on. I brought these back from Council Springs with me game Take a look at them. Silver plated. Just like mine. Feel that balance. You can't beat a Colt Frontier. Come on, try them on will you. See how they fit. Had them holsters made special for you. Pretty fancy for the range. Well, I kind of hoped you'd game have some use for them. Pa. I know how you feel about me not riding with you. But running the spread fits me a lot better game Than wearing a badge. Well, it was you I gave my name to Daniel. Not Clay. I guess I always figured it would be you riding with me. Did your game did your posse have any luck? Yeah. Yeah, we caught up with them about three days out. It was them alright. They owned up to it. Here, have a cigar. Thank you. You whack them over a little? Well son, you don't get confessions by just asking questions. No. That's one way of handling it. You know, Daniel. You've got soft spot in your heart, just like your mother. She could always see some good in people no matter what they'd done. But outside of that, you've got the Halliday brand. I knew it even before you was as high as my belt buckle. Hey, I'll never forget the first time I ever put you on a horse. That colt butted you off three times running and you got right back on it. Pa, that only proves I was too dumb to stay off it. Oh, just fool stubborn like your old man I guess. You know Daniel. On the way back I heard some talk about our top ringer. Jivaro? Yeah. Seems like he's been keeping a woman out at the range hut. Pa, that doesn't figure. He's one of our best men. Hell, he's still half Indian. Them breeds, they can't ever keep business and pleasure apart. Oh I don't care what Jivaro or the others do when they're off the range but game You know, once a thing like that gets started, it can be catching.

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