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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gaydar Radio

Gaydar Radio, Online Gaydar Radio Radio internet, UK Radio

by the modified motion sensor on the computer. It allows my hands to manipulate this craft with uncanny precision. That's nuts! The motion sensors are routed through my smart phone with an .g, gigahertz wireless. Chris, watch out. Coming your way. Ta-da! Yes! All right, let's take this thing to its max altitude! Come on, let's go! Oh, ! Grab the computer. Go, go, go! Okay, so, unlike other static systems, my algorithm tracks gestures while the operator is moving. Elevation, . , David. ! It should have a vertical reach of about feet. What is that? Is that my phone? David, I think I lost signal. What do you mean you lost signal? The call's interrupting the Wi-Fi. Who could possibly be calling you right now? Everyone you know is standing right here! It's not connecting, David. Guys, it's not responding! It's not responding. I don't see it any more! It's gone. It's dropping! Guys, run! Which way do I go? Which way? Go! Quinn, run! Oh, ! The experiment was a complete success. Thank you for your consideration, MIT. Christina, I need you to put that laundry away. Yes. I will do it later, I promise. David's daily ritual. Checking for the letter, day . Quinn. Yeah, it came. No, I don't know if I got in yet, but it's really games It's big. All right, well, come over then. Come on! Go show her. David, go show her. Christina, I need you to put that laundry away. Yeah, I will. And I'm not gonna tell you again. Good. Can you see this stain here? No, Mom games I got two job interviews today. Mom, look, look. It came. Oh, my God! Christina, give me that. It's a family moment. Wait for me, wait for me! I'm growing a beard, David. Open it. Shut up. Christina, be more supportive. Okay, I want you to listen. I want you to know whatever happens games Oh, my God. David games Shut up. You shut up. "On behalf of the admissions committee, "we're delighted to inform you "that you have been admitted to the MIT class of ." Congratulations! Yay! Yo, Adam, she didn't get into anything. We're celebrating, right? You know, your father would be so proud of you. Dude! David? What's the matter? "We've reviewed your request "and we're pleased to award you $, in financial aid." What? Wait! What about the other $,? Mom, how are you gonna afford that? Look, dude, let me see that. Please, turn that off. God, dude, look at those. Perfect little tree trunks. Those legs are like games Good job, David. Sorry to hear about MIT. Yes, sir. I also didn't get a scholarship to MIT, Dr Lou. Also didn't sprout wings and fly. Still a few scholarships left, David. I'll look into those, sir. Thank you. Yo, just pretend it's not me. If you could say one thing to MIT, what would it be? This is stupid. Wrong answer, dude. You know what? Maybe you don't want to go. I do wanna go. Dude, I think these nuggets were frozen before Obama was elected. David, prove it. Prove that you wanna go. How am I gonna prove that I wanna go to MIT? How about for a free ride, every day, your mom shows up and publicly hands you your fungal medication? Only if your mom does the application. You know what I mean? Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah. What if MIT was like, "Go up to Sarah Nathan and just start making out with her." Why would MIT want me to make out with people? Because MIT believes in bold risk takers. I take risks. I'm a risk taker. Yeah. Name one risk you took. Right now. Exactly. That's not games That's too big. This is what I'm saying, dude, if I had your brain and bone structure, I would be unstoppable. I mean, aren't you sick of having with your hand? What? I'm sorry. He sniffs Sharpies. You drug addict. You totally are stupid, dude. Hey, look. Hey, hey, dude, check this out. Bam. Hey, that's cool. Right? Well, you see, that's my problem. I can't get the UIs to interact. You got to put the L cache in ad hoc mode. Obviously games What are you doing? Oh, my God, Jessie Pierce. Dude, I would literally give away all my earthly possessions for one date with her. What, are you gonna give her your Xbox and a coupon at Chipotle? Will you please get in the car? Bye, guys, see you later. Chris, come on! Coming!

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