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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Radio LBC 97.3 FM

Radio LBC 97.3 FM, Online Radio LBC 97.3 FM Radio internet, Radio LBC 97.3 FM UK Radio
I'm still right here, Chris. Be nice. No! I will go give this back to her. No, no, no. I'm gonna go and take it back to her, okay. That's right. I'm not gonna let my sister do my bidding. Man. Man. Yo, let me smell your breath, though. What are you gonna say? Are you trying to communicate with me telepathically? Excuse me, I Radio I have Radio I think you have my bag. I think we switched bags. Possibly? Looks like. By the way, my name is Radio David? Yeah. We've gone to school together for four years. Yeah. Did you go through my stuff? No. I might have reached in there a little bit to kinda feel around blindly, but Radio Is that why you're wearing my perfume? Well Radio I didn't spray that. That wasn't me. So other people went through my stuff, too. I'm really sorry, okay. I just came to switch bags with you. I would never have Radio I would never do that. David? Yeah. Congrats on MIT. Thank you. Dude, David, you've lived here your whole life. Where are you gonna go? Quinn, come on, can you stop talking about it all the time? Guys, stop arguing for two seconds, okay. We need to figure out what I'm doing on this tape, right? So Radio So, I'm over here? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're back there. Back there to the right. Yeah, that's good. Then somebody crosses frame. Quinn, go here. Actually, move the camera to the left a little. Okay. And you, back to the right. That's perfect, that's perfect. Wait, wait. Split that difference. There. That's perfect. Don't move. Right here. So what am I doing? We're just standing here? You're doing mad backflips. Let me check. It looks like your right hand is reaching for something. Like, maybe the wall? Okay. Wait, no, no, no. Behind the wall. Yeah. There's a light switch. What does that one turn on? The basement? Let's check. Down here. Quinn, turn the lights on. This all your dad's stuff? Yeah. Whoa. Let's do this. Are you sure you should touch that? Help me out. We weren't allowed in here. We're going in today. Help me out. Spooky. Quinn! Jeez! Someone's afraid of the dark. What are you, years old? Did you hear that? Yeah, what was that? I don't hear it any more. Was that the light? Quinn, keep clicking the lights on and off. I thought I heard a sound. There, there! Yeah, I hear it, too. It's like a fricking clicking noise or something. Yeah, check over there. I don't know where it's coming from. Where's it coming from? Wait, I see something. Leave the lights on! Holy ! No way. Goddang! Wait! Turn the lights back off! Why? Try this. It's connected to the light switch. Oh, my God. That's the same thing your dad was holding on the tape. The case Radio Help me out. Come on. Right here, right here. What the hell? Turn them on! What the hell is that? Open it. No, you open it. You need to open it. It's your dad's. Whoa! Oh, my God. Chris, come get this. Chris, Chris, come here. I'm getting it. What? Whoa. You getting this, Chris? What's D-A-R-P-A? It's DARPA. It's a classified division of the military. They work on all kinds of crazy

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