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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Radio Heart London 106.2 FM

Radio Heart London 106.2 FM, Online Radio Heart London 106.2 FM Radio internet, Radio Heart London 106.2 FM UK Radio
Please tell me you got it working. Come on, come on, come on. Dude, if you want a permanent fix, just let me know. I'll take a look at your car. Sure, you're gonna fix my car? What the hell is that? Oh, . Oh, my God. David? This doesn't make any sense. Mom, goddang. The house will pay for MIT, and Aunt Chloe says your sister and I can move into her apartment. I can't let you sell this house, Mom. There's got to be something that I can do. I can get a job. It's too late for that, David. You tried to get a scholarship. It didn't work. Well, none of this would have happened if games David. Come on. I'm sorry. I miss your father, too. But he would have wanted this. You're just as smart as him, you know. I'm not gonna let that go to waste. Okay. It is what it is, David. There's nothing you can do about it now. What are you, sulking? God! You scared the out of me. I'm not sulking. Dude, you should be happy. You're getting what you wanted. I'm the one who's getting screwed. This isn't what I wanted, Chris. I remember this thing. I'm trying to solve this, okay? How are you solving this in the creepy attic? It's dumb. You know, there's this one last scholarship where I have to submit a proposal for an experiment and I thought maybe if I got it, Mom wouldn't have to sell the house. Dad must have a million ideas lying around up here. I don't know, Chris. I mean, I thought there'd be something up here. I can't find anything I can use. Hey, what is this? When did we get a video camera? That's Dad's old camera, yeah. Remember that? Yeah. Hey, look, it still works. Really? Wow. Yeah. Let me see. Check it out. That's my seventh birthday. I guess it makes sense that's the last thing he would have filmed, right. . Quinn, I'm telling you, I'm looking at it right now. You were a chubby kid. Come here. No, I mean, it's weird to hear his voice for the first time, like, after all these years. - Are you getting this? Light the last three. What was that? - Here we go. Hold on a sec. Nothing, I just saw something weird in the mirror. - Are you getting this? Light the last three. Holy . Quinn, I got to go. Chris! Chris, come down here! I don't games I don't understand. It just is. I got to show Quinn and Adam. There's this footage of me at my seventh birthday. I mean, I was at my seventh birthday. We were all at your seventh birthday. No . No, I know, I know. Here. Just games You don't understand. Just watch this. I still think it's just a glitch in the camera. So right games Wow! Right as this lady walks by. Oh, my God, I remember this. No, no, no. Right as this lady walks by, look in the mirror games Right there, right there! Did you guys just see that? Dude, I was so frickin' cute. Dude, I was cute. Adam fell off that frigging bike and it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. Am I games Do I exist in the world? Are you guys even seeing me right now? Please, look at this. Dude, you're crazy. Ready, go. Play. I'm ready, I'm ready. Right there. In the mirror. Look in the mirror. Holy . Holy . Dude, is that games That can't be. That's me. David, you are just seeing what you want to see. Maybe, I don't know, someone could have photoshopped it. Nobody's messed with it. It's been in my attic for years. Look, it's obviously like a relative or something, David. Family does tend to actually look alike. All right. Well, then explain this. We're wearing the same shirt

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