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Monday, July 27, 2015

London Greek Radio 103.3 FM

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They invented the Internet, tried teleportation. I thought your dad was in energy research. Yes, my dad worked for Eastern Power and Electric. I mean Radio Is this it? Thermomagnetic accelerator navigation drive? I don't understand. This is some sort of a machine, guys. What, like a computer or something? No, not a machine. These schematics use equations like the theory of relativity. Engine pressure ratio. Course deviation indicator? Longitudinal static stability? Hydraulic interface module. Wait, here we go. Project Almanac. ID number -Delta-? "Temporal relocation prototype"? Temporal relocation? That's Radio That's impossible. Any time you guys want to speak English so that I can follow. Temporal relocation. What does that mean? It means time travel. I mean, that's what that means. What? Holy ! So you're telling me Dad left a time machine in the basement? Well Radio I mean, I guess technically, he left blueprints, but Radio Still Radio Slow down for one second, okay. Let's just all take a beat here. DARPA designed this. So it could actually be real, right? It's possible. We should try to build it. You guys, my dad messed around with a bunch of junk down here. Why would he hide junk then? It's in a fricking case in the ground? Even if it wasn't junk Radio Dude, he must have left this for you. Okay, I know you'd like to think that my dad left me a time machine, okay, but Radio I think this glass thing is, like, the heart of the machine. It runs everything. David. Just for a second think about it. You guys are Radio You guys are crazy. We can't build a time machine in my basement. I mean, did you see the tape at your seventh birthday? I mean, I think we already did build it. . Hello. Sweetie, I got to go. I got to go. I'm sorry. Who were you talking to, Dad? He's just a friend, David. He's here to fix something. I won't be gone long. Promise? Of course, I promise. Here. Time me. It is February th, . My brother has officially lost his mind. He genuinely believes he is building a time machine. Extension cords, fuses, relays, power cables. It's cool you hang out with us. You guys are my ride home, Adam. What happened to your pants? Sarah Nathan is a backstabbing . Okay, so I've got five ,-volt DC couplers, four -ohm resistors, but I just can't find any capacitors. Did you check by the couplers? What do I look like, an idiot? Well, you are trying to build a time machine, David. We're just trying to turn on this glass box, okay. Yeah, yeah, totally. Hey, excuse me, sir, but where is your time machine section? Sorry. Nobody likes her. We can all agree on something, right? I mean, you have to kill Hitler. That's like Time Travel . Naturally, but none of us even speak German, so Radio That's why God invented Google Translator, David. Exactly. They didn't have Wi-Fi in . These are all the batteries we could afford. Well, the guys who built the Hubble Telescope started out building it in their garage with parts from Home Depot. What time was their curfew? What are you doing here? Just getting a record of you burning down the house. What are you doing? I used to kind of watch Dad do a lot of this stuff. This is called stripping wire. Hey, Quinn, isn't your mom a stripper? Shut up, dude. Hey, put the camera down? I want to teach you. All right, I think we're all set. Christina, you may wanna stand back. We're pumping about volts into this puppy. So, what, you plug those things together and we're gonna go back to the Stone Age? No. If we can't turn the glass circuit on, there's no point in building the rest of the machine. I only have one. Sorry, guys. Let's hit it. What's happening? It's supposed to Radio I'm not seeing anything. Holy . Crap. Are you okay? What does that even Radio Give me the camera. Give me the camera. Look at yourself. Your hair. What is it? What? Your hair. On your head. Touch your head! Oh, my God. Wow. Guys, guys, guys! What the ? What's going on? What's it doing? Is anybody else seeing this? It's creating electromagnetic energy! Whoa! Whoa! Oh, ! What the Radio It's in my mouth! Dude! Dude! All the batteries are fried.

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