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Friday, August 7, 2015

Radio Big L 1395 AM

Radio Big L 1395 AM, Online Radio Big L 1395 AM Radio internet, Radio Big L 1395 AM UK Radio
we're gonna come over tonight and we're gonna fix this! If you wanna vote on that 'cause that will make you feel better, then that's fine, but that's what we're doing! David, we get it, okay? None of us will remember Lollapalooza. Yeah. Hey, Justin, look out! I'm calling . Screw this. Oh, . Guys, I'm here! David, it's me! It's April rd, . This is to keep a record. I know exactly what to do to fix this. Justin broke his leg at Walker's party. I'll fix that. Everything else will fall into place. Guys, I'm sorry. It's gonna be okay. Oh, ! . David, what are you doing here? What do you mean? This is where we're supposed to meet. You're minutes late. No, we said we'd meet at your house first. We had to track the controller. Yeah, why didn't you call me? We all called you, David. Really? The guys are right behind me. Really? What did you do to the machine? You know, I'm just making some modifications. Modifications? Why? We did a full systems check yesterday. Can I talk to you for a second? What's on that? Just Radio Oh, God, man. Can you just be my friend for a second? I have to ask you. Of course I'm your friend. You know, like, the plane crash in Spain and the basketball team and the fires in Brazil. It's not your fault. We've been over this, okay. No, no, no, no. You're not listening to me. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's my fault. I went back alone. There Radio Alone? Yeah. Why would you ever jump alone, David? David Radio It's not important. But where did you jump to? It doesn't matter. It's done. Stop it! Stop it. We don't have to undo everything, okay. We just have to make sure Justin doesn't break his leg at Walker's party. We can fix it, man! You gotta trust me. I can fix it. You can fix it? By yourself? Yeah, you broke the pact once and now you're gonna do it again? You're coming clean. No. I can't. Why not? Because Radio Why, David? Because I'll lose her, man. I'm sorry, David. But you have to come clean. Guys! Guys, let's go! Come on! No, no, no, no. David, don't go! I'm sorry, Adam! I would never do anything to hurt you guys! David! You won't even remember this happened! Hot girls don't stay at parties long. They go to, like, multiple ones. Table, table, table! Again, again! Hey! Oh, ! David! What the hell are you doing to my car? Three, two, one. The lights went out. Sorry, excuse me! Coming through! Excuse me! Justin, look out! Oh, . You saved me, bro. David, you're awesome. You're like a superhero. Excuse me. That was so awesome. Right here, man. That was badass. Excuse me. You have two new messages. Hey, babe, sorry I missed you. I'll see you later tonight. Miss you. David, are you coming? We gotta go. We have to be there by :. Yeah. Yeah, I'm coming. One second. What the hell's she talking about? Are you gonna go in? Yeah. Quinn, thank God. Hey. You all right? You look like . I'm fine, I'm fine. Adam. We don't have much time. Visiting hours are almost up. Did he say anything? What are you talking about? He can't speak. He barely knows where he is. Yeah, I Radio I know that. Did they find anything else out? Nothing. Just that it happened after the basketball game. Oh, . So they don't know what happened. No, they don't know anything, but, I mean, look, it's fine. We'll just, you know, figure out when the last time he was safe was and just, you know, go back. He was fine in school this morning. What're you talking about? That was yesterday. He's been here since last night. David, why don't you know this? I do know, I'm just Radio My ing head, man. Look, we gotta do something. Okay, I'll get Jessie, we'll come over tonight. No, no, I'll get Jessie, okay? Forget it, just come to my house. When? I don't know, just tonight. What does that mean? I'll call you when I'm in touch with her, okay? Something is wrong here. It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna Radio David! David! David, where are you going? Chris, just stay here. I don't have a ride! I'm coming back! Hey! Okay, Adam. When is the last time you were safe? Effects of Lollapalooza. That's Justin. That's a different day.

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