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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BBC Radio 1 FM

BBC Radio 1 FM, Online BBC Radio 1 FM Radio internet, BBC Radio 1 FM UK Radio
Dr Lou still thinks I'm on my bathroom break! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! That was the best! Best day of my life! That was the most fun I've ever had in my entire life! I love you. Yeah! David? What? You're not gonna believe it. What are you talking about? Just go, come on. You'll see. Hey, Mom, so how was work today? It's been a long day, sweetheart. What? When did she get a job? Literally, check this out Radio , likes. Let me see. ,. Yeah, I have , Instagram followers. Texts from different girls, half, like, "Quinn, oh, my God, please call me." Show me the texts. Dude, I swear to God, I'll show you. What up? So I talked to you-know-who. Got one for you, one for Adam, one for me and one for Andre. You're down, right? Yeah, totally down. Good. Wear your black skirt. You look hot in that. You and Sarah Nathan are hanging out? What's that about? Dude, literally no idea, but since we got back, she's been acting bat, like we're best friends or something. I don't know what happened. It's insane. Have you guys seen Jess? Yeah, but you know what? I think she just said that she's really busy or something. I wouldn't read too much into it. I'm kicking your butt. Three, two, one. You're kidding me. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Whatever, I quit. I'm inherently good at video Radio. All right, who's next? Hey, you don't want to play? No, I'm kind of tired. Really? Yeah. Taking off? Yep. Okay, cool, cool. Look Radio Hey, can I Radio Can I talk to you for just one second? Yeah, sure. Did we have some kind of, like a moment? Wasn't that a moment the other day at the wall, and Radio I don't know. I mean, it was a really fun day. It was cool, right? And when you said that one thing, and I kind of Radio I don't know, there were so many people around, I wasn't really thinking. I didn't expect you Radio I didn't expect someone like you to really say that to me. What do you mean, someone like me? You're like, fun, and you go out to parties and, like, hang out and all that kind of crazy stuff. That's it. I mean, you don't care about that important . You just have fun. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that. No, no, I know what you meant. It's fine. Whatever moment you thought, you know, happened, you should probably just forget about it, I think. Okay. Some things just aren't meant to be, you know? You don't have to film everything, Chris. You wanna play some foosball? No. That was so much fun. This is the best day ever. I can't believe it. " Radio I have to run naked through the streets." Are you picturing me naked now? No. Sorry, dude! No problem. "Before the world ends, I have to fall in love." "Before the world ends, I wanna go skydiving." "Before the world ends, I have to fall in love." " Radio I have to fall in love." " Radio love."" Radio love."" Radio love." "Before the world ends, I wanna go skydiving." Yeah, that's a good one, too. Totally. I heard it's really fun. I'm gonna go grab a water. You know what, I'll be right here. I'll wait. Dude, I love this band. Look, there's David. Oh, my God, he's actually gonna go for it. A little more difficult than it looks, huh? Yeah. "Before the world ends, I have to dance all night." Pretty dumb. Hey, I wrote that. No, you didn't. No, I didn't. "Before the world ends, I have to run naked through the streets." You're trying to get me to think of you naked, aren't you? Nice catch. Check it out! "Before the world ends, I have to time travel." "Before the world ends, I have to win the lottery." Two for two. I think we've almost crossed everything off this list, huh? I think we're just getting started. "Before the world ends Radio " " Radio I have to fall in love." Is that what you were gonna Radio Yes. Probably not the worst thing to wish for Radio All right, David, what did you change? What have you changed? Hi, Jessie. Hey, Jessie. What you up to? What's Radio What's poppin'? Just call her. Hello. What are you doing? What are you filming? Is everything okay? Are you poking me? By the way, I told my dad I was sleeping at Jennie's. Are you taking your towel off? Should I not take my towel off? You should.

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