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Monday, August 3, 2015

Radio Classic 100 FM

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You absolutely should. What's wrong with you? Oh, my God, did we have ? Yes. Was it good? Was I good? Yes. Wow. So I saw you naked and Radio Are you kidding? Well, I guess I did, 'cause we had . That's true. Can I see? You wanna Radio Okay. I want to see. Happy Friday. I have to sneak out soon. I only have Thursday's clothes. David, stop it. Whatcha doing? I'm waking up, thank you very much. You look amazing. David, please. Stop it. David. Let me see this. Good morning, David. Stop. Camera shy, huh, David? You seem a little camera shy. You know what, let's get rid of this thing. Flight has apparently crashed Radio Good morning, Raskin house. Chris, you look gorgeous. Christina, please put that laundry away. I don't wanna tell you again. Can you see the stain on here? 'Cause I got two job interviews today and I really need to look good. Interviews? Yeah. Sweetie, you okay? Yeah. Mom, you look beautiful. Thanks. Bye. What's up with you? What's up with you? I can't believe how good I'm getting at sneaking past your mom. Yeah. By the way, my dad, who never loves anyone, loves you. Somehow. He thinks it's really, really adorable every time you talk about science and all the projects that you used to do. It's kind of amazing. Enough, please. Chris. Please have mercy on me. What's up, Patrick? Dude, the other night was dope! Come on. God, what is up with you, David? Are we still on for tonight? Yeah. Yes, what time? Why are you acting so weird? Are you okay? Yeah. David, are you okay? Yeah Radio I forgot my Radio I forgot my notebook in class. Okay. I'll see you later. Okay. Okay. Okay. Bye. Hey, Dr Lou. Where are you going? Don't be a wiseass, David. What? Hey, you okay. Sarah, what's up? Everyone just mind their own business. God, what the hell is up with him? "Better luck next year"? But we won the division. Hey. You got to get over here right now! Quinn, hold on, slow down. Oh, my God. Are you seeing this? I just don't understand how this is even possible. How do we not remember this? But we could fix this, right? We could fix this. I mean, we have the means, right? This is what we should be doing in the first place, not partying. Hey. Guys, what's the emergency? David, look at this. There was a plane crash, David. Seventy-seven people onboard a flight from London to Madrid. It happened five days ago. Jesus. So, why are you guys watching a plane crash? Because I think it's our fault. Why would a plane crash be our fault? Sarah Nathan's dad was the pilot. So what? Look, whatever we did at Lollapalooza had some crazy ripple effects. Wait, wait. Are you saying that Lollapalooza caused a plane crash? Because that sounds crazy, dude. Look, I'm not crazy, okay. It's cause and effect. Somehow we caused the basketball team to not make the playoffs. Our captain, Justin Kelly, broke his leg on March st, right? We all know that never happened. Then the basketball team didn't make the playoffs, and that affected the players, their parents, hundreds of people who were supposed to be at the game. And it just kept spreading. Sarah Nathan's brother, he was on the team, right? Yeah. Her dad was supposed to be at the game. He wasn't supposed to be flying that night. David, look Radio Dude, there's other , too. Robberies. Fires. None of this happened before. At some point, we're not gonna be able to track this, David. If we don't stop this now, it could just keep going out of control. David, we have to fix this. Look, Lollapalooza was a mistake. We have to go back and make it so that we never jumped there in the first place. Right. No, no, no. We cannot go back. We cannot do that, okay? That's the only way. We have to. It's gonna undo everything Radio That's the point! We need to undo it! We gotta fix this. I'm not even buying it. I don't even think Radio Dude, you were the one who set the rules! You're the one who said that we had to be all freaking careful! I did. We all followed them, and kept each other accountable on every single one! I'm not gonna go and play God with you guys Radio David, you know what? That is what we're doing! I'm gonna get Jessie

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