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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Radio Kiss 100 FM

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We didn't go through all that, just so some half-breed cowpoke game Could shatter everything we game Oh that's it! That talk back there. Just words. You wanted him out of the way. You were too smart to do it yourself. You knew they'd do it. What happened is for Martha's own good. Maybe you can live game with that reasoning. Where do you think you're going? Like you said, the spread is yours, the town is yours. I'm going somewhere they never heard the name game Halliday. You can't walk out. No? I can stay here and be like Pa game and you. I'm sorry for my part in it, Daniel. Dan! I want you to give this to Jivaro's father. He wanted you to keep it. It will help game when you tell his family what happened. You can come with me. No. My place is at home, with Pa. That's where I'll always be. So long Jivaro. You're still my son Daniel. You can't leave game you're place is here. Daniel game you can't flee this. You can't come back! You hear me Daniel? You can't leave here. It was a lynch mob. It's all over game finished. Before they found out the truth. They even left it on the sign outside. Chad Burris's son. He never really liked keeping store. Only horses. But, I figured that some day he'd come back. How could my brother die this way? Your father is the Sheriff. Yeah, that's right. Where was he? He game he was away. He could do nothing about it. I should have been there. I told you. He was away on posse. It was out of his hands. He should have been there. I game I apologize for our bitterness. It sits heave on their grandmother. She raised them after my wife died. I do not apologize for my bitterness. You can stay the night if you like. Thank you. There's a room upstairs. There is more to Jivaro's death than you have told. I've told you what I know. I know he loved your sister. How did you know? He came to visit us only a month ago. We were very close. He told me things that he didn't tell my father. How Mr Halliday felt. How bitter his feelings are against such a man as Jivaro. Even if all that's true, it doesn't change things. It does game if your father found out about them. You've got game too much imagination. When we asked you game where your father was. You were hiding something. Did I imagine that? I told you. I told you he was away. On purpose. Now you're putting words in my mouth. There's no need for words. It's in your eyes and in your face. Your father caused my brother's death. I'm not here to defend my father. When you get home, you tell your father this. Jivaro's death will never be forgiven. As long as I live. Maybe you'd better tell him yourself. I'm not going back. Then it is true? And I felt this truth. That's why I left. It's my way of cutting it out of my life. You'll have to find your own way. I don't want to intrude. I'll go if you like. No, don't go. You were his friend. This is to his memory. Jivaro and I used to come here often as children. That is why I build my fire to him here. It is like in your church game where you light a candle. These sticks are my brother's house. And when they fall, his spirit will be released.

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