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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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And it's something That most people That are in college right now Are the same age that we are, And they can maybe pick up On the songs Faster or better than maybe People in other age groups Or people who aren't going To college, i don't know. I would say that they Can kind of take the songs And make them their own. I certainly don't think That r.E.M. Has spear-headed or, You know, been the leader Of any kind Of revolution in music, You know, in american music. I mean, that's ridiculous To even think about. There are a lot more college Radios sorry. these are nerds. these are nerds; This is what you've been hearing The entire time. i don't think Anything is important, but as far as we're concerned. this is fun, And it's enjoyable, and, You know, It's good experience, But as far as important, I can't think of anything That's really important. [laughs] we don't live To be a critic's band. We don't strive To be a critic's band. We don't strive To be a band, hardly. We just kind of are here. you know, the four members Of r.E.M. Approach their craft With a purity of vision That's really rare In the commercial jungle Of the music industry. They're remarkably free Of either cliche or pretense. Now, as a musician myself, I can say that There are times When we play just For the sheer fun of it. Now r.E.M. Have that spirit, So here they are enjoying What they really do best. the walls are built up Stone by stone the fields divided One by one and the train conductor says Take a break, driver driver take a break we've been On this shift too long i would just sit around with Guitars, usually peter and i, And just play things until Something useful comes out. If nothing useful comes out we'd Try it again the next night, But that's what we were doing The night was juwas That's how we write songs. It's kind of a brainstorming Hit-or-miss process That you just play and do Everything you can think of Until something good comes out. buy the sky And sell the sky and bleed the sky And tell the sky don't fall on me don't fall on me we've written Quite a few hit records. We didn't record 'em to be hit Records, so they weren't. i was kind of, like Almost like the record company To these guys. They were a little afraid Of what i might believe in. it's just like a review I read not too long Ago that says that don has Little tolerance for anything That doesn't advance the song Or make the song better, And yet he works real well With us in that sense. i thought They could be a radio band, And this idea Scared them to death. and do you think People were, like, Wondering if you were Trying to break out Of some kind of cult status Working withyou know, Like you were maybe going For a hit this time around? answer me a question I can't itemize i can't think clear, Look to me for reason it's not there i can't even rhyme begin the begin stipe would take the track Away, stay up all night, Run around to some quarry Out in the boonies, And come back with a set Of lyrics the next day Called "hyena" Or whatever it was. i hope that people Are able to take a lot Of the songs On the record And apply them To their everyday life And apply them to the things That are weird. it's evocative, But what is this? I mean, how are you Trying to connect? how would they apply it To their own life? i would justi would hope That people would... Hmm. That's a hard one. I can't get that specific, Probably. and the discussion was, well, I am not gonna write I think the word used Was "banal." Banal lyrics, And it was Just like, oomph. to me, That typified what working With the band Was all about. It was this rock wall That you would run into that Would be who r.E.M. Are, And it was A sacred place. You really didn't Go in there. he was the first person To work with us in the studio Who really questioned What i was going on about, And i admire him For it now. He made life hell for me During the making of the record, 'cause it wasn't my job To question what i was doing. I just did it. what was that whole thing? Laa-ti I mean, it wasn't laughing it's justit's a word. it is a word?

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