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Monday, September 21, 2015

Absolute Radio 70s

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now is game one of those? Hey, shut up and give me your wallets game both of you. Man. This is just game what are you doing? I'm giving him my wallet. Just shut up. And you, do the same thing game Wallet, now. No, I don't want to. What? Are you crazy? Yeah, man. What are you, crazy? No. Look, if I give you my wallet, can I put these down on the ground? Whatever. Wallet, now. You know what? I don't want to do that 'cause it smells like someone took a piss here and I don't want to mess up my chips. So you hold this. Hold this? Hold this. Look at that. Yeah, uh, it's a gun with no game no clip. There's no bullets. Always complaining. Okay, come on, man. So, this guy, Pete, he makes fake I.D.S yeah, there's only a few guys that are really pro. Right there game white door. So, what? We just wait? Yep. All right. Hello? I told you weren't out of it. What's up? New martial arts film casting for an overweight actor who can throw a couple of kicks and they don't care what you look like. Now who's the man? Live! What am I gonna do? Take drugs through my phone? Is there an app for that? What right do you have to take my phone from me anyway? It's part of the agreement that all patients make when they're receiving treatment here. Attacking the nurse is not the way to deal game Attacking? You stomped on her foot. I'm sorry, okay? After you apologize to the right nurse. Okay, fine! Okay, stop it right there. Take it back a couple of seconds. Yeah, what am I gonna do? Take drugs through my phone? Is there an app for that? Okay, right when she says "I hate this place," I want you to cut to her crying while she's talking about her dad's abuse. And then I want you to cut back to her talking to Amy saying "I've never had a friend like you," and then I want you to cut to her slapping Amy. I think that's gonna play out really nicely. Yeah, no problem. Hello? Hi, Amera? Yeah. Shelley's not working well with us. She's getting increasingly violent. Yeah, and you've been doing such an amazing job with her. Take your bad shoes and go out! I'm placing a request to transfer to game oh game oh, wait, wait, wait. No, you can't do that. Our ratings have gone way up since she joined the show. You know, my contract says I have the right to treat these patients as I see fit. Okay. No problem at all. Thank you. You are wasting my time. Did you not hear me? It's looking good. What is wrong with you? Out! Out! We really need to find somebody to replace Shelley before she goes. Are you insane? I was just showing him how to do the moves properly. Proper game y-you hit the guy in the back of the head with a wooden sword! How are you gonna hit him in the back of the head if he's supposed to be watching you? Hey, I took it upon myself to make sure that he does his job right, which you guys apparently screwed it up again. Well, apparently I don't think this went down the way you say it did, because you're obviously a no-talent poser who was suggested to me by a casting director that I'm never gonna use again. Huh? What was her name again? Was it your cousin? Huh? Well, you can't fire me unless you're gonna re-shoot everything I just did, which is gonna end up costing you. I'll be just fine. Thanks, man. But you can expect a lawsuit from this guy when he wakes up. Now get the hell off my set. All right, guys. I guess we'll finish these scenes when this guy's okay. And we'll do the pickups when we find a new actor, all right? Now let's game let's start setting up, guys. Okay, I'm gonna give you one last game get the hell of my set, you maniac! Okay, you know what? You're making a mistake. You're firing the next Tomas de la Cruz! Who? All right, somebody call the police. This is bullshit! Hey, w-when can I get bullets for this thing? I mean, what is the point game wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. There he is. So what do we do? Do we game do we call Carl now or what? No, no, no, no. He's gonna be in an out and on his way. So we'll just wait right here and then follow him to wherever he's staying. Thanks. Oh. Here we go. Hello? Yeah, we found Tomas. He's at green street.

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