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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Talk Sport 1089 AM

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Girls. This is your grandfather. Hi. My name's Catelyn. Well, hi, Catelyn. I'm Jimmy. Nice to meet ya. You're a pretty girl. Why were you standing by my house earlier? I was waitin' on your dad. Did you get all wet? Oh, just a little. Wanna say hi to your grandfather? Could we go feed the ducks now, Mommy? Come on. Let's go put your coats on. Okay, Lily, you got the bread? Yep. You're gonna hold on to it? Got it! You have to give some to your sister, too, okay? No, I won't eat it. Let's go. I'm gonna go and keep 'em busy. Okay. All right. I don't want the girls to be here when the cops come around. Yeah. Yeah, they shouldn't see that. Goodbye, Michael. Duckie. Remember to walk really slowly, okay? You don't want to scare them. You okay? Roll Game I gotta go back up there. It's for me. Okay. I'll be right back. Get the girls out of here. Come on, let's go. Stay quiet, honey. Stay quiet. Oh, God. Where's Daddy? I'm scared. It's okay, honey. You have to be quiet-quiet. Gabriela, run! You should have killed me when you had the chance. Dad? Dad? Mike! Put that gun down! I'm innocent! I didn't do anything! I know. I know. I need you to put the gun down. Get on the outside, Legs. Get on the outside. Get off the ropes, Legs. Get off the ropes. There you go. Roll to the left. Get outta there. Check him with a jab. There you go. There you go. Quick feet. Yes! Two! Three! He's done. Four! Five! It's over! That's what I'm talking about. Beautiful! Now get in the middle. You're gonna get a big, big sugar rush. Take the nose. Put that there, like this. There you go. What's that supposed to be, Cate? Frosty the snowman, duh. Duh! What about you, sweetheart? Rudolph the reindeer. He's so pretty I might have to take a bite. No, Daddy! It's mine! Okay, I won't do anything. I gotta go get ready for work. Don't take all of them. Now they got a hold of the boys, the football players. They get them to fix the games. You score two goals, the other concedes. And this Sissy Sevket gets the money. They even printed fake coupons and stuff. But this Sissy Sevket is trouble. They say he takes down whoever he comes across. He knows nobody here; comes from around İzmit or whatever. You know, they say the guys from there are ruthless. One time a player said he won't do it and they broke one of his legs. , I haven't found a way in. I can't get into the game. They don't just let anyone in. They say you need a connection. If you know someone inside, maybe we can arrange something, eh? Why don't you shoot? Look, they're flying away! Look! See how it flew away? If you weren't going to hunt, why did you come with me then? I don't feel like it. I feel bad for the animals. They're just trying to survive. It's just prey. You think it wouldn't shoot at you if it had a gun? Look,look! THOU GILD'ST THE EVEN . You haven't fired this at all. You haven't fired at all. Why do you go hunting then? Even still, why don't you clean the gun up once you're back? You shouldn't leave it like this. games Who am I talking to? You've knocked it all down! ! What is it dad, what? You keep going hunting without using a single shell. What are you looking for like crazy? What is it? Mom had a necklace, a locket with a photo in it. I'm looking for that, but can't find it. Not there either? You're now obsessed with the locket? How nice! Two days we've been looking for it. Is Nazim not here? No. He'll be back soon. What is it? What is it, ? What's up with you? There was a necklace, a locket with a picture in it. Yes! Your mom's locket, right? Its snap was broken games and you brought it to me. It's been a while. That's the one! Did I get it back? Of course you did, a long time ago. It's lost now. I sent it to you with your father. So how are you? How are your arms? My arms? My arms are fine. So have you started with the games? Yes? Yes, dad? No, the game is over. Games don't last this late.

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